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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Given the mad rush to make the foils bigger than most wings of small aircraft, I would have thought the trend on this coming generation of IMOCA would be to make the hull as thin as possible.... same goes for the cockpit design of the Charal 2. But then again, I'm sure the architects and sailors...
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    Defi Azimut Race & Speed Runs

    I'm very interested in Alain Roura and Hublot ex Hugo Boss, since as far as I know we never saw that boat in a true one on one equal fight in the fleet over an extended period of time, and while the Defi is not over an extended period of time they will all be in the same weather.
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    What were the technical improvements that were made to the Groupama 3/Idec ultim that allowed it to shave 8 days off its previous TJV time, excluding weather, obviously. It's pretty impressive, that despite being the template for the modern 30m monsters and being ~15 years old it's still one of...
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    No smoke here no more

    Sounds nice in theory, but if I were a betting man, I would bet most of my money on this failing as it would needlessly criminalise people and give organised crime a HUGE source of revenue and will probably contribute to even more dangerous fags because who the fuck is going to regulate what...
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    What will AC75 v 2 look like

    Yes, meat pie to be specific.
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    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Alright, so who's going for it this coming winter. 
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    What will AC75 v 2 look like

    If you were to improve the hull of Te Rehutai, here's what I would do. Based on my gut feeling and zero experience in aerodynamics. Although I am very interested in it, maybe I understand it better than the average joe... idk, aerodynamics is so fucking complicated. Anyway here goes. ...
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    What will AC75 v 2 look like

    *Built by the boatyard with beer
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    Team NYYC

    some fast shit. They ought to put a couple engines instead of grinders, some aero fairings, go fast stripes and try to beat the speed record.
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    What's going on with Corum? is it still IMOCA single handed or is it on this The Ocean Race malarkey?
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Looks v. nice. Lets hope it doesn't hit a wave or something. 
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    Ultime / G-Class Development BP 11. Now with more zip ties.
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    This is AC silly season. Nothing concrete will happen for another year/18 months. We have to find something to complain about. 
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    Best Live Shows You Ever Went To

    Never been to a music concert. Don’t like them, but Le Bourget 2013 definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest. I saw an A380 go vertical. An Su-35S deafen me, Rafale, P-38. Super Constellation. All sorts. It was fucking awesome. 
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    There I was minding my own business.....

    In Tibet that was.