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    An embarrassing first for Australia-Climate change responsibilities

    I'd be grateful if you could provide a link to the High Court authority that establishes this responsibility - it appears I missed it, despite being on the High Court's notification list. Thanks awfully BTW, should there be an apostrophe there somewhere?
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Wow, I'm stunned by your in-depth legal analysis and insightful explanation. You really are embarrassing yourself Meli, but feel free to continue by yourself.
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    It's not as simple as "that" at all. Those 2 thought bubbles that you made up do not represent the gamut of views and considerations of all indigenous persons, let alone the broader Australian population. And this The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws...
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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - any experiences?

    Billy, see my reply to Lefty. Your damage goes back as far as mine, and common sense would suggest that would work against any likelihood of a total reversal, but I'll take any improvement I can get! Good luck ...
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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - any experiences?

    Thanks all. Almost exactly my situation, except mine wasn't Lyme but another disease from the same family. I lost several layers of skin over every square inch of my body, and I suspect that's when the nerve damage occurred. The neuropathy started several years later in the toes of my left...
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Not being argumentative, but I don't actually understand what that is intended to mean. But I admire your optimism ...
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    The last time I read the Australian Constitution (which was only a couple of days ago), I didn't notice any references to the HRC or the ALRC. If the "Voice" is so similar, why would it need specific Constitutional mention?
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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - any experiences?

    A chance conversation led me to a bit of googling, and it actually is a thing. Trying it out for peripheral neuropathy, currently about 12 sessions in. Difficult to tell if there is any tangible improvement. My research indicates between 20 and 40 sessions can be expected to achieve real...
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    Random PicThread

    Looks like the Mirage that crashed on take-off at Darwin, landing on the mudflats at low tide. I thought that was earlier ...
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    Hmmm. At about 9.00 ff, he discusses how a vessel is stable if the centre of gravity is above the centre of buoyancy, but unstable if the other way around. This must be the explanation for all those yachts with their keels in the air ... Or am I missing something?
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    Untold: "The Race of the Century" documentary on Netflix

    I started to watch it, but gave up after repeated footage of IACC boats that were more than a decade later than A2. Very annoying. The program was obviously not intended for an audience who actually knew anything about sailing, let alone watched the event itself back in '83.
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    Bob Perry is Legend

    "moron" is not an adjective. I would have thought that, being a moron yourself, you would know that.
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    46 years in Darwin, plus much time in Tennant Creek and Nhulunbuy before that. Plus time in Whyalla and Ceduna and including circumnavigating and criss-crossing Australia by car over many years, plus, plus. Agree totally on the gravy train. Galarruy Yunupingu is a classic. In exchange for a...
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    One man's lived experience is another (wo)man's misinformation. FFS, most of the problems that require solving arose from the 1967 referendum! Alcohol is the reason for the majority of (horrific) domestic violence. Alcohol is the reason for the majority of child neglect. Alcohol is the reason...
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    LSAT high score, now what?

    I don't know the system in the USA, but I spent nearly 25 years as a "state" government lawyer in Aus, and I used to say "no-one in our Office works 50 hours a week" - that's because the admin staff worked their 38 hours and the lawyers all worked north of 50! Sometimes 80 or more. No overtime...