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    Can a C880 safely cross Nantucket Sound?

    Obviously, depends on the situation. To state the obvious, if the kite is up, or the screacher is in use, those sheets usually get eased or released first... assuming someone has them in hand... Generally, though, the 'out' when those sails are in use is to steer down; if the rudder starts...
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    Can a C880 safely cross Nantucket Sound?

    Just going to jump on the "beach cat before big tri" bandwagon. I sailed and raced my H16 for 15 years before I bought my F31R... I made all sorts of dumb moves on the H16 on lakes, SF Bay, and the ocean, and it rarely cost more than repairing some fiberglass or the trap line bungees. Flipping...
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Just want to say that I still appreciate that you're sharing this journey with us! Always a treat to see the updates. Can't wait to see pics of her on the water "soon."
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    Banned Innovations in Sail Racing

    Rather than try to compete w/ carbon fiber hulls, etc., what about playing with the drive? Set up a Hobie Mirage drive, or link two together in either whale (horizontal) or dolphin (vertical) modes, and make the appendages squirm, rather than the hull... Good luck with this! Sounds like an...
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    J/22 Keel bolts not exist anymore - please help.

    Well, it is one way to answer the question of whether there are keel bolts...
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    Trampoline refinish

    Debated whether to put this here or in fixit, but figured the audience here would know better. Have two boats... Hobie 16 and F-31. Both need some tramp TLC. All mechanically solid, but the paint has come off to the point where the sun is probably starting to damage the fibers. The H16 has a...
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    Trying to wire an Airmar P79 to a lowrance elite 5x dsi

    Went through something similar.  Depth transducer to NMEA 2000 - Fix It Anarchy - Sailing Anarchy Forums Your cable looks different, but in case it helps... The answer, in my case, was this: Raymarine iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter, which translates the raw transducer to SeaTalk (aka...
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Maybe he's decided San Francisco was too easy, and he's now headed for the circumnavigation?
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Well... not all of them do, at least.  My 31 runs the halyard to the cockpit. I'd be pretty stressed single handing my 31, particularly folding/unfolding, and I'm a pretty fit guy.  Too much to do, too quickly, with too high loads, in the weather we get on SF Bay.  I don't think it would be...
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    He at least admits he got it wrong.  "Look forward to hearing what you think..."  "What do we do to keep it safe" Learn the damn rules in the booth Follow the damn rules on the water
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    GBR passed in front of both of the port tack boats... both FRA and NZL were adjusting course to avoid, so they both saw GBR.  I think NZL saw FRA... they seemed to be waiting...waiting...waiting for FRA to gybe, and then realized too late that FRA was not going to duck GBR, not gybe. What...
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    I'm very curious about that as well.  The announcers insisted it was France's fault, but I'm not sure about that. Both FRA and NZL needed to maneuver to avoid GBR.  FRA came up to pass behind GBR, and was sailing quite a bit higher than NZL, who was sailing very deep.  NZL actually headed down...
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    I'm a sailor, BITCH!

    I have so many questions.
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Yeah, what are his expectations?  Jzerro is on the small side, but (from experience) many Bay area marinas have trouble with multihulls.   Depends on what he's looking for and how long he's looking for it.  For instance, I'm docked in Emeryville, with the potential advantage there being easy...