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    Santa Barbara Sailing

    I've met him, has an ego as big as his goiter. Perfect match for Doc. He's a cad
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    Santa Barbara Racing

    Abort, abort... after 25 posts about this trip, it is now going to Santa Ana, not too close to Dego. I want my money back. Do you guys have a Blackberry with a phone AP on it? :huh:
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    Why they should make a "Sailing Barbie"

    According to a poll, 90% of the Barbies in Newport Beach would rather be in a Duffy than on a sailboat. :unsure:
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    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Some of the Melges 24 were going to do the PHRF Regatta on Saturday but the hoist is broken. :(
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    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Washed up on Butterfly Beach..don't know what it is??
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    Pics from end of 12 World's

    +1 Sweet.
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    What about Sd/Ensenada?

    That is a very impressive turnout!
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    sail by watts keith lorrance

    Are the wife and kids moving to SB also?
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    Dr. Laura

    I'm hearin that the new "director" will be decided by the carp toss at the BBQ, Kelp will be the head judge. The Men in Black will be replaced by Knights Who Say Ni! and their first quest will be to find more SHRUBBERY! Bring in the clowns...this is the dumbest soap opera I've never seen. :lol:
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    Dr. Laura

    She owes all of her victories to Kenny. He's going to be very hard to replace.
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    Santa Barbara Sailing

    That Woody guy is everywhere with his camera!
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    Radio hosts sail tall ship Melb - Tas

    I hope they do not have the" not a Doctor" Laura" on board..three bull shit talk show hosts, many miles, some Chardonnay and pork rinds, bad combo. although there is a new sport connected to her demise, which could be fun on board. Darts anyone>
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    San Diego sailing for nobs

    Excellent post da woodie dude.