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    Colored vs white sails

    Tell tails on the leach of the main is normal, you want to be able to see that the flow off the trailing edge is smooth, too turbulent and it's slowing you down by dragging on the sail. Tell tails near the leading edge of the foremost sail are to help you set and steer your course (you can see...
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    What To Choose???

    @northwestern9 I'm watching this thread with interest because a few years ago I was the OP in a carbon copy of this thread when I was in the same position as you (that thread might still be around). Suffice it to say that I was suggested the contender, the IC, and the finn. At the time I went...
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    What To Choose???

    Valid option. Harder to find a boat and I think the closest fleet is Boston, but fun boat for sure (doesn't quite fit the trap requirements, but the seat is a whole different experience). Go for it! That's at the fleet's home club, so I'd expect a fair few competitors. Get in contact with the...
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    What To Choose???

    Your local contender fleet is in Toronto. Look them up and give them a call, they are fairly active and really happy to support young sailors with advice and help getting to events. I raced in the fleet a few years back and had an absolute blast!
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    Looking for a starter opti, where should i look???

    Definitely if you have the space, consider something big enough to take 2 people. Once you start looking at double handed boats, there are a lot more option (many of which have been mentioned already). If space is a consideration, then that's going to define a lot of your options as MikeR80...
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    Looking for a starter opti, where should i look???

    When I was a sailing instructor as a teenager I got in an opti to help out a kid who was just starting and was nervous to be alone. I couldn't fit under the boom, and unless it was blowing I wasn't going anywhere near the gunwales. It was cramped in the cockpit or I was laid out hanging off both...
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    Looking for a starter opti, where should i look??? Chinese boats, but the distributor is based about an hour east of Montreal. Maybe they have something sitting in storage? But really, the opti is going to be wicked cramped for you + kid unless you're the size of an average 15 year old. There are other options...
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    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    Having done Kingston many times as an athlete, coach, support, etc. I'm hoping I can lend some advice. Public transit exists, it's usable, but it's not super regular (sort of half-way between your European experiences and American systems). We relied on cars when we had to move a lot of people...
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    Club 420 Sail Numbers

    Isn't the club 420 sail number just the hull number (generally part of the serial number if you don't know it)? That's all I've ever seen. And I don't  think I've even ever seen a club 420 with a country code since they are only sailed in USA and CAN.
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    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Just go earlier in this thread, Dave talked about foiling gybes a number of times. I think there was a time he reported to have foiling tacked (though I don't think there was any video of it, there is of the gybes).
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    Countdown to an RS700

    DTA, definitely try the kite. As a lot of people have pointed out, the boat is meant to go downwind and be balanced with it up, it makes everything easier downwind. Especially downwind in skiffs the rule is that the faster you're going the easier everything is. To get the kite down when...
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    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    You leave it there while sailing. Soak the progrip when you launch and it's slippery enough that you can push down the rudder and it'll just slide down.
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    moving up from a 420

    Car top it. I've done it many times, a lot of people without a trailer find that it's the easiest way to do it. Just make sure your car racks are wide enough or else get some 2x4s to strap on to the car rack to get some additional width.
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    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I had the chance to try a UFO on Sunday, Merde2 took the time to show me around the boat and let me go for a ride. I only had about 45 minutes of time to play in the prevailing 11-12 knot conditions, so my experience was reasonably limited. I'm 100kg, 197cm (6'5"ish), putting me at the heavier...
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    Looking for 420's

    If you are close to the US border, I would suggest you contact the regional high school and collegiate teams. Often they will do full-fleet replacements. Do note that these boats would be collegiate 420s, same as a club 420 but without any rigging for trapeze, spinnaker, etc. If you want a club...