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    Sunday 14 February Daily

    Umm thanks MSG... Sarcasm is sexy!
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    Sunday 14 February Daily

    If/when they start this race will there be play-by-play on any of the forums? I'm frickin' stuck on my Blackberry for the next hour and a half...
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    Press conference is live on BMWO site

    Ernesto - "It was fun losing!" Butterball - "They were just faster..." Rolf - "I'm fucked..."
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    mon 23 nov

    I know its just the angle we get from the cam, but it frequently looks like the beast is going to annihilate some poor little boats...
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    DZ Sailing Sunday?

    Great pics dal and jimb! Whats with the dal/woody beef??
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    DZ Sailing Sunday?

    For the love of God please post some pics for us poor schmucks stuck on land far, far away from the beast!
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    chan 5 cam - bowsprit going on

    The boat's not even moving and I could stare at it all day....
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    Chasing the Dog and Squid

    Screw it, I'll overnight Fedex both of them for the chance to be on the beast! God knows there shouldn't be any more of me running around anyway.... :blink:
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    Chasing the Dog and Squid

    In that case I can honestly say that I would GLADLY give my left testicle to be anywhere near that boat, much less on board with the wing...abso-fucking-lutely amazing!
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    Chasing the Dog and Squid

    Is it just me or is that boat flying 2 hulls and fucking hauling ass in wind that most of us wouldn't even bother trying to sail in????
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    FOX-5 Live again this morning

    Anyone else having trouble getting the feed to show??
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    Does your big bird have wing to fly?

    Precisely! It would seem GMT is having an acid flashback...
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    BMW Oracle Racing Video

    What an elegantly-worded, complete bullshit reply. Are you on the design team? Didn't think so. As for the court "loss", there was nothing lost...Cheatzilla already had a stinkpot on it, nothing changed there. Now we know that BOR can get as radical as they want with LE's technology and...
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    > 900nm in 24 hours; peak at 46 knots.

    Maybe because for the most part Americans don't give nearly as much of a shit about multis as do the Euro trash. Just like you don't give a flying fuck about American Football...get it? You do realize of course whenever we DO care about something and actually put our resources behind it we...
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    BMW Oracle Racing Video

    Why do you have to be such a little shit? Pretty sure they're referring to the twist that was built-in to the design (see other exhaustive threads re: twist, jackass). LE doesn't drive the boat most of the time because while I'm sure its fun as hell for him to drive, he can at least admit that...