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    Cheap but decent cruising clothes

    I have a sunshower bag which I regularly use to wash the salt water off my feet before entering the boat. I'm almost embarrassed to mention that I only went snorkeling once after spending 3 months in the Bahamas because dealing with the salt was such an issue. To get back on topic, getting the...
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    Cheap but decent cruising clothes

    I get wet primarily from taking the dinghy to shore. Since I tend to live on anchor and beach my dinghy when cruising, I'm always getting wet. It's a major issue keeping the salt off the skin and the inside of the boat so one of the must do tasks this summer is to install pressurized water for...
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    Cheap but decent cruising clothes

    The problem with cotton is that it stays wet. If you're day sailing not an issue, but if you spending weeks to years on your boat it gets to be a big deal. Except for a set of shore clothes I've removed all the cotton clothes from my boat.
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    Show me your blue boats!

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    takacat or true kit inflatable catamaran tenders

    Just wanted to add that the floor of my takacat started leaking at the seems after only 3  months. Can't recommend them on quality.
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    takacat or true kit inflatable catamaran tenders

    I own a Takacat . While the tubes and floor seem to be well made the mount for for the motor is cheap wood and not well sealed. Also the nut that holds on one of the oars corroded to the point it couldn’t be removed in about a month of cruising.  The floor of the takacat is very stiff and has...
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    AYC Doublehanded Distance Race

    I’m a liveaboard at Jabin’s. If you need a hand setting up just come see me at slip B 14 on Blue Jay. -Hugh
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    The World is not Enough...

    I'll be leaving from Annapolis in October. Crew needed. -Hugh
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    Enlarge hatch opening ?

    I want to replace a leaking hatch on my boat since there are no replacement parts available for the hatches currently installed. The closest hatch I found is 1/4" larger than the old hatch opening. This means I need to trim an 1/8" off all sides of the opening down to 1&1/4" . Any...
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    Bowmar port lights on j/34c ?

    Does anyone know what model of Bowmar port lights were installed on the j/34c ? All my port lights are leaking and I’m trying to source new gaskets. thanks, Hugh
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    Here Comes The Night

    A picture of the mothership from my dinghy at sunset in the Dry Tortugas.
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    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    It’s a J/34c. Harumph. Good to meet everyone and getting the chance to try out the UFO. -Hugh
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    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    You’re a man of many talents. What material are you using on your cushions?
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    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    I think the black AF with the grey boot stripe looks good.