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    It's been a couple of years, but it is back.

    I ordered a package a few years ago. Love them!
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    Hey - Can't An Old Guy Watch a Pole Dance?
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    Dead Pool 2022
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    Ramsey Lewis DTS

    Great musician.
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    Dead Pool 2022

    Getting close to windows on high floors is dangerous
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    QE DTS

    King Chuck now
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    Mod revival/punk/post punk/new wave

    One of the best:
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    The Load Out

    I remember seeing him on that tour. (Yeah, I'm an old fart.) He closed the show with that song. It was the perfect ending for a great concert.
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Not Florida but maybe they will move there:
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    US Sailing = US Olympics

    My big argument with US Sailing, like most of you who have published comments above, is how they spend the limited funds they have. Most of the money they spend goes to supporting a small group of (mostly white, upper middle class) sailors chase their Olympic dreams. These kids have been funded...
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    NFL 2022

    My bet is many more women will be abused by a few NFL players and the league will continue to let it slide. Much worse to bet on a game or smoke a joint than hit your wife according to Godell.
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    Definitely one of my favorite holidays.
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    culture club

    I know some people from the BCC. Great sailing people and very dedicated to bringing up young sailors.
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    Racer Cruisers for Tall People

    Tell the fiancee that she shouldn't wear her high heels on the boat. But seriously, the Sydney 38 had a lot of headroom below. The draft is pretty deep so be careful in coastal areas.