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    Annapolis -> Cape May

    Cecil County in MD (Chesapeake City) is not dry. Don't think there is any difference to which side of the canal you're on, still Cecil County.
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    Annapolis -> Cape May

    Harve de Grace is an OK option, a bit past the turn for the C&D. Look into Chesapeake City, right on the canal. Really small town, though I do know they have a bar/restaurant or two. Rock Hall and Baltimore don't really make sense unless you're looking to create a stop. Don't think there...
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    another CF laminating question..

    FYI, that is for infused laminates, meaning that the adhesive dissolves in the resin system and it is meant to be bagged. If you are wet-laminating I would recommend putting down a thickened slurry before laminating. It is best to wet out light reinforcements (i.e. cosmetic twill) on the job...
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    Fiberglass repair recommendation.

    Dude just get a portbook and call one of the companies that do this all of the time. There are some great guys in Annapolis and they do not all work out of the back of their truck.
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    Rope/knot/splice load testing

    I've always wondered why line manufacturers don't publish stress/strain curves for their lines. It can be pretty difficult deciphering their marketing jumbo for good engineering.
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    Basic 5-0 link?

    you might also try and find the old site that was archived. Lots of articles on upgrade projects that alot of people take on. There is the same resource at Link to the class wiki and all. Pick up some tools and give something a try
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    505 Carbon twin poles

    go to a crew hoist and douse you lazy horse! Gonna miss all the action in hammo, jealous of those that are heading there!
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    Dynex Halyard

    another thing to consider is that cam cleats are often not the choice for highly loaded lines. They will rotate slightly so that the line is able to come out no matter what type of line you put in. You might think about changing out to a jammer or if you want to keep the cam cleat, put a...
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    Laminating table surface

    Except if your cut-out table is the same as your laminating table, and the surface is waxed, you are contaminating every laminate with release wax...
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    I broke my prod

    There is a kit.
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    Carbon Boom Design

    Probably depends on the type of material your track is. Most replies will probably be for Plexus or Proset. Be sure to fillet around the track as well. You could also wrap the boom and track in a light layer of fiberglass or carbon and then route out where the cloth covers the track. That...
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    Dude wants a boat - skiff maybe?

    Are they midgets?
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    Rudder lay-up/Vacuum bagging

    Lay your laminate schedule out on the bench with the inside laminates on top, place core on top with tip lined up to one end. Fold over and wet out the laminates to the other end and then flip the core about the rudder head, Fold over and wet out remaining laminates. Vacuum and bobs your...
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    Bangor Maine Dinghy Sailing?

    That's what the official website of the city had to say.... I feared as much. Thanks
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    Bangor Maine Dinghy Sailing?

    So the job hunt has been pretty tough and I'm seriously considering an opportunity in Bangor Maine, the jewel of the east.... Anybody have the digs on whats up with dinghy sailing there? I recently did a classic yacht regatta in Castine, and delivered the boat south. Most of the sailing I saw...

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