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    Post-Ian Salvage

    When I was in high school, my fiberglass mentor Gale Yount went to Texas and picked up a few flatbeds of damaged boats, brought them back to Noank, and repaired and sold them. Interiors, exteriors, they all looked brand new when he was done.
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    Mast question

    you think a leisure furl has more disadvantages than in-mast furling? Please explain.
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    External Winch Drive Motor - Do these make sense to thread readers?

    $300 for SMJ's solution vs $2k for the ewincher. Seems like a no brainer.
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    PcNautec or make my own?

    what's the boat?
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    Small diesel manufacturers

    10 hp is going to be more than enough for a 25' sailboat. I've got a 1gm10 that pushes my 32' sailboat at a consistent 6.5 knots. you can find used and reman 1gm10's for between $2500 and $4500. it's a pretty reliable engine.
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    Martin 243

    that boat's been around. didn't get much sailing time in Boston Harbor but it's a neat little package.
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    Holding Tanks

    I prefer top-tank entry and dip-tubes for evacuation so 'stuff' doesn't sit in the connecting hoses. It also makes it less messy if you have to disconnect hoses and move tanks around.
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    what do you have against comma splices? with the right epoxy and filler, they are equally strong as any high fallutin' semicolon junction.
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    Can you help me fix this block?

    WTF is wrong with that? My apologies dear sir for offending you so deeply. Of course there's nothing wrong with that. Some of us have figured out that rather than put extra weight by having a double block (which kind of defeats the purpose of running light air sheets, through a smaller pulley)...
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    Can you help me fix this block?

    why are you using a double block as a turning block for a spinnaker sheet? Because you have it? Nothing wrong with that.
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    B&G Triton Edge

    I have a Zeus2, Triton 1 and what it won't do is allow me to calibrate the ws320 for the downwind wind speed, which looks to be about 5% high. are you saying you can do that calibration without an H5000/Edge?
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    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    Find a turbo'd Farr 30 that's been converted to a fixed sprit and asyms. great fast boats. But honestly in that size range you're going to compromise somewhere, either it's great around the buoys or it's great offshore. I think of the sportier boats you mentioned, the FT probably has the...
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    Jib repairs - advice needed

    I'd just trim off the bottom 15' of the sail and use it as a J4.
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    True vs Magnetic course to a mark

    the exception that proves that rule. also, not a bearing to a mark but an imaginary finish line following a line of longitude.