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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    Wait, I thought New Zealanders were ba ba ba bad asses?!
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    Meme Anarchy

    This is a funny video meme!
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    Meme Anarchy

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    Meme Anarchy

    My brother is like that. Luckily, I can tell him to wrap it up or shut it up.
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    How were they different from their male counterparts aside from their gender? Were they more cultured and educated or just escaping their fate? Not picking a fight, just interested
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    Kolpak Walk-In Freezer

    Covid brain fog is the worst. Bacon grease is good for both lubing parts and cooking eggs. Can be left in the fridge and a dab in the pan makes pan fried shrimp a delight with some olive oil and butter
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    Son of a BITCH!

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    Son of a BITCH!

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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    I broke my left foot going over one of those as a kid. The sound was interesting and the shape of my foot after I finally fell free into the water was even more interesting…didn’t tell my folks and put it right myself so I wouldn’t get in trouble
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    caption contest

    “Now where the hell is the mooring field marker?! It was here when I cut in front of the high speed ferry this morning!”
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    Another IOR boat headed for the glue factory.

    A friend has been looking for one of those in ‘glass if anyone has the 411 on one available
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    "Er, isn't this why single-handers wear a harness and tether up?" department

    And make sure it’s on a starboard tack so water doesn’t flood down the offset companionway of doom
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    OK Cruisers, what boat do you have?

    1949 St. Lawrence composite CB cutter rigged ocean racer. 46’ overall, 40’ on deck, 37’ waterline,9’ beam, 4’10”-9’ draft. 1”white cedar over steam bent, white oak frames with steel floors and bulkhead arch to support the 50’ tall aluminum mast.
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    I’d have my personal portable bull rail wraps to keep the splinters out of my dock lines. But, I’m not a Kanuk, so what would I know?