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    "Open mic on channel 16...."

    In Seward AK a custom on 16 has developed where boats call radio check and usually a couple others respond with their location. Its not too busy and I kind of like it as the boat calling gets signal reports much like a ham radio operator might. No stations usually give their names and...
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    Spline repair on Volvo 2000 series transmissions - updates?

    Any further updates from anyone? I have been on a few other boats recently whose owners haven't discovered this little design flaw yet.. maybe they got the updated version? In any case I'd have to dig up the paperwork but I am 11 something years on having the input shaft milled to a hex and an...
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    SV Seeker

    Get a discount on a Piranha just by mentioning him (yes I watched the video). Whats not to like? Also very interesting conspiracy theory on why larger motors don't use shear pins... Those bastards!
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    Refinishing the Interior V-Berth

    You have an idea but not really a stated objective goal, mainly what level of finish quality are you looking for? At what cost? Fairing the interior of a cabin trunk to look like it came out of a mold will be an enormous job, lots of hours and costs. Finishing it out to a smooth paintable...
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    Bolt question- engine mount bracket to flywheel housing

    No washer from the factory, and they should both be identical... If it has loosened up and moved around some there is probably damage to the threads in the other one too, and damage to the internal threads in the bellhousing. Sounds like someone might have chased the threads or made it "fit"...
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    Shaft Couplings: to flex or not to flex?

    When time is money cutting the shaft will likely save.. There is a strong possibility that if you were successful in removing the coupling that damage or corrosion to the existing shaft would make reusing it difficult anyway. I tried to get my coupling off on my boat and ended up cutting...
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    crack in seacock

    Not at all safe.. understatement? Sometimes plumbing like that fails without notice and sometimes it could last for the rest of time.. your call.
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    SV Seeker

    I wonder how they feel about S/V Seeker being in the top ten results when you google search "Hundested props."
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    Cast aluminum spreader base repair?

    Maybe a local vocational school or high school shop would if they are still allowed to interface with public I wouldn't attempt a weld on aluminum cast rigging. If it was a flagstaff holder or something maybe... Just a quick look at shows a 1/4" plate of 6061 aluminum with 4...
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    Volvo Penta alternator issues.

    Glad it works.. many alternators are deemed bad when its often something in the wiring (same thing with starters). Even a "bad" alternator can usually be fixed easily with $20 in parts. But.. you shouldn't have to rev to full throttle. Does the light glow right after startup at idle? If...
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    Volvo Penta alternator issues.

    Many alternators get their initial excitation through the alternator light. If it goes out it won't charge, but often if you rev the engine fast enough the residual magnetism will kick in and it will work fine. Basically the light and ignition circuit need to be in good shape from the key...
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    No raw water strainer?

    Exhaust elbows on those rust shut every 500-1000 hours regardless of clogs. See if water flows through that. Sounds fun.
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    Anybody ever put starboard in a thickness planer?

    I've done HDPE in a planner with mixed results. If it works it looks great but if it catches its a disaster.
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    Fastening to LDPE

    Tap it with a helicoil for extra holding.
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    SkiSafe insurance

    I have never made a claim but I will say SkiSafe has in my opinion had responsive and friendly customer service, with actual people not chat bots or call centers.