Interested in skiing.
But not interested in Curling.
Although Curling was not as bad as I thought.
Why is it called Curling ? But I digress.
Interested in pithy and provocative post on Sailing Anarchy.
Disinterested in Birthdays.
Who tells the truth about their age on the interweb anyway?
No interest in reading about other people's interests every time they make a post.
A good book is interesting.
I think the Kindle loses something.
Interested in boats that people race.
I doubt anyone has any interest in my multihull racing.
New found interest in horseback riding, playing Polo to be specific.
Dec 9, 1968 (Age: 53)


Chaos! Panic! Debauchery! My work here is done.

Look at the heap of shite you are standing in, thats the only way to clean it. Otherwise you walk around covered in shite.

"Every floor of absurdity you build on the house of nonsense just makes you less credible." Barleymalt regarding Reid S

"The damage isn't that bad, I just didn't want to take it into the Southern Ocean like that."