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    Meme Anarchy

    The concept of "humor" eludes you, does it? As does, presumably, the concept that an airborne virus circulated by humans is functionally non-existent in an aerial location above mature trees with no other humans in any immediate proximity. Any chance that you are vaccinated, boosted twice...
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    Misty May's Ass

    Can we get a huzzah for @Gouvernail who pulled a 2014 Assman thread out of obscurity and bumped it from 2016. That's some quality archival work right there.
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    Got no dog in this hunt, but maybe because the boat in question was not a corinthian entry, to which those specific rules apply... Maybe you, Mr Dacron, should start reading the NOR, too.
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    Cruising to Martha's Vineyard- Specifics

    oh for sure, taxi or uber is possible. not sure on the fares. Also the Vineyard bus service is good and as I recall, it's been a while, but you can get a one day pass for the bus. Definitely some inland transport options to get around the island.
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    Cruising to Martha's Vineyard- Specifics

    You might consider Edgartown which was the stand in for the town of Amity. It's gentrified but parts of it are recognizable from the film, especially the Chappy ferry -- which in the movie does a u-turn during the scene shot on the ferry. Once you understand just how short the ferry ride really...
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    Another IOR boat headed for the glue factory.

    Its a Farr 33 built by Annapolis Custom Yachts. FYD Design No 145
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    Top notch rant, Gouv! That's the SA spirit we know and love. Attaboy, +1, and huzzah!
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    Mr. Andersen or whoever's sock puppet you are: while Mr. Shubrook's actions were impolite, the whole affair at Sail Newport was a shitshow. Were you there? I was. Standing in line for 2-1/2 hours. The three Bermudian immigration officers were exposed not to covid, but to the most convoluted...
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    Meme Anarchy

    She fell in love with a carpenter and she got nailed.
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    Meme Anarchy

    ^^^ Future telltales  :rolleyes:
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    STC BI Race

    You're right, that was uncalled for. Apologies.
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    STC BI Race

    You can't be serious, tough guy, comparing a Vineyard Race to a Block Island Race. The average water temp in Long Island Sound in May is about 58 degrees F. In September -- when the Vineyard Race happens, as you know -- it is in the 70 degree range. You lose dexterity in less than 15 minutes in...
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    Senior Got Talent

    Bump This is hysterical. Worth a watch. I googled the guy; he passed away a year after this audition. RIP Ray.
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    Caption Contest

    "I spent three years on the design of this. I've looked at thousands and thousands of yachts."
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    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    No handicap system for sailboat racing will ever, ever be accurate, be it based on observed performance or measurements, until it factors in the thickness of the owner's wallet. Period. Same goes with one-design, so stop the "one design is where it's at" nonsense. It's not one-design if one guy...

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