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    If it doesn't happen in California I guess it never happed on this site .  .  .
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    Can The Easily Panicked Be Taught To Sail?

    Have someone give her lessons on a Sunfish or any one person dingy.  On day one have her turn the boat over and then right it a couple of times.  Then teach the basics and with a hand on the tiller and the other on the sheet, she will better understand how two work together.  Sitting on a rail...
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    Marion, SC Beneteau Plant Sold

    I have an in-law who's South Carolina company makes canvas and other fabric products for companies who build 15-30 ft motor boats.  They are so busy they are having a hard time finding Sunbrella and other materials .  .  .
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    There's a USA country song just for that occasion "I'm my own grandpa".  .  .
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    Random PicThread

    What kind of stain is on that pretty blue skirt .  .  .
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    Golf is more frustrating than women but not half as much fun.  Just follow this simple guide .  .  .
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    Pink Boat Alert!

    Protesting climate change is like protesting evolution.  The climate has been changing since earth was a barren sphere.  It is lunacy to think mankind can stop or redirect climate change  .  .  .
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    Anarchists in Chucktown

    Great CRW coverage SA!  Just tell us where all the articles are hidden.  .  .
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    Darwin strikes again

    And  it begins with: In the evening after dark we goose the statues in the park If Sherman's horse can take it Why can't you .  .  . Credit The Wayfarers 1976
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    July 5th, the B-day of the bikini

    He could not get models to wear it so he hired strippers .  .  .
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    FP Americans have not seen the ocean

    Charleston SC is doing quite well with four YCs on or near the harbor.  I have worked RC on the water for 15  regattas this year.  Also nine high school teams have their own regatta schedules.  Sailing is alive and thriving in Charleston .  .  .
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    I lived at Peach Tree North apartments just down the street from the Varsity. Is it the Plaza that has the rotating restaurant? Very great view of the area . . .
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    Optimist History

    The below is a small part of an article that I wrote for Southwind magazine in October of 2010 - my two cents worth . . . Ø Some kids will always be social sailors. But, if they are at all competitive, put them in an Optimist dinghy. The Opti is just a boat, neither good nor bad, just a...
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    j70 worlds

    Congratulations 2016 J/70 World Champions: Joel Ronning, Patrick Wilson, John Kostecki and Christopher Stocke. CATAPULT has won the 2016 J70 World Championship Regatta! The event was held at the St Francis YC on San Francisco Bay. There were 68 teams competing from 15 countries. Being...
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    j70 worlds

    With only one day and two races to go CATAPULT is in first place at the J 70 World Championship regatta with 41 points. The current World Champions, Julian (The Mexicans) are in second place with 61 point and Carlo from Italy is in third place with 63 points. Jud (USA) in 4th has 70, Claudia...