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    SV Seeker

    He could go full Crowhurst
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    Ian just exploded.

    NHC has it coming ashore just north of Tampa as a low CAT2. EURO model has it begin to stall, wobble and strengthen off Tampa and then correct North West
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    What's Right (or Wrong) with US Sailing?

    Like USRYU?
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    Aluminum RIB bottom paint question

    I have a Walker Bay RHIB that has aluminum attachment point so I have to use outboard paint. I bought a pound of powdered zinc and added half of it to the paint. Marine life steers clear
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    What's Right (or Wrong) with US Sailing?

    They can start by going back to USYRU and stop trying to be all things to all sailors. Focus on racing, training judges and race management, and focus on only one measurement rule and PHRF.
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    Mark Mills foiler in action

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    What engine and transmission...

    What engine and transmission?
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    Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.6

    Who you callin’ Sailman?!!
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    An Uncommon Hazard

    Ajax, Your best bet would be to place a call to the local Coast Guard office. That boat driver is supposed to have a Coast Document to operate commercially so I am sure the CG would be interested in unsafe operation. I am also fairly confident that he has defined operating areas were he can...
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    28ft-34ft Boat RECS

    A move from a P26 to either a Catalina 27 or 30 would be just about right, I think. Both have better interiors than the 26, especially the 30. Both are reasonably priced in the used boat market.
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    J/95 What's this and where does it get attached?

    Lazy Jack system?
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    What became of Gig Harbor's famous sailor?

    Fourth Mode all the way!
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    Luiz Kahl passed aka Yacht Scoring

    The sailmaker didn’t own the platform then.  North also has a history of expunging competition as it suits them
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    Luiz Kahl passed aka Yacht Scoring

    That should put an end to other sailmakers sponsoring events.  Score another for Big Blue