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    Cast aluminum spreader base repair?

    Glue it together and take it to your local foundry. They will use it as a pattern and cast a new one. Last time I did something like this it was less than $50.
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    Depth Sounder Died

    I have a classic NEXUS setup on my boat. The depth readout was working but last Wed night it stopped working. Just dashes. Checked it out and can't see anything that looks bad. It is the older type that has an amplifier for the depth. Checked the voltage at the CPU. Green 11.83, White 7.70...
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    Roller furled on the boom by myself in 30 seconds.
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    Boat for sale

    Come on, Ryley. You know the boat.
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    Boat for sale

    Read my post. I posted the ad and paid for it. When it didn't appear I contacted the site .administration. No response. after a day I again contacted site administration. No response. Next day I contacted the editor. No response. Next day i posted on the forum. Then I got a response and problem...
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    Boat for sale

    I have Com Cast so my internet is spotty. Was able to get on this morning and found your email. Responded. Thanks.
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    Boat for sale

    I posted a boat for sale ad on Sailing Anarchy classifieds. Paid for it using PayPal. Got payment conformation from PayPal. No ad. Waited a couple of days. No ad.  Contacted site administration. No ad. Contacted site administration again. No ad. Contacted the editor. No ad. WTF?
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    Mainsail furling, why it's so problematic compared to headsail furling, can it be improved?

    Not a problem. The spreader ends have elk hide boots and my downwind angles are less than 130 apparent. I check for it but have not seen any chafe.  After the sail is up and the boom clear the vang is clipped to a tang on the boom. When it is time to drop the main the vang is un clipped and the...
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    Mainsail furling, why it's so problematic compared to headsail furling, can it be improved?

    My mainsail is a 669 sq ft big roach fathead with full battens that I can roller furl by myself in less than 30 seconds. If I have help, 10 seconds. The boom goose neck has a 1" ss pin that goes thru the mast with a winch socket on the front side. I use a winch handle to rotate the boom. The aft...
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    Fattening up a halyard

    When inserting a piece of line into the core of your halyard be sure to sew along the length to lock it in place.    Two ways to attach a cover to a halyard.    1. Using a fid insert the end of the halyard 6-8 inches from the end of the cover and out 6-8 inches from the other end leaving a flap...
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    Instruments for racing - What should I buy?

    If you sailed every day you wouldn't need instruments. DC once said that the best instrument was a fresh haircut. But we don't sail every day, at best we sail once or twice a week during the season.    The best reason to have instruments is a sanity check on what we think is going on. You don't...
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    Ok shoot, what is wrong with this boat?

    The Saffier 33 Leisure has a baby sister, the 27 Leisure. Just as much fun at half the price. There s also a big sister for a lot more cash.
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    Asymmetrical vs symmetrical spinnaker for Catalina 30

    You can use an adjustable tack line with a top down fuller. On my current boat I have a Colligo  fuller. The non rotating tack attachment has two holes. The tack is attached to one. After the spinnaker, is flying lead the tack line thru the other hole to the tack then tension the tack line and...
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    Asymmetrical vs symmetrical spinnaker for Catalina 30

    The only advantage a symmetrical has over an asymmetrical is in big wind when the downwind course is aligned with the wind. In the past 10 years I can think of only one race where that happened. In all other cases everyone is reaching and the asym is a better reaching sail than a sym.   ...
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    Sailing in Ft ************

    There is a active and friendly E scow fleet racing out of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron In Sarasota on Wednesday afternoons. You can probably get a ride. PHRF racing at the Squadron on Sundays although the fleet is sadly diminished compared to past years.  Last I was there there was an Ensign in...