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    Sagging ceiling

    I did a cockpit sole from the top and reused the skin. Taper the edges of both pieces and tape them. If the core is rotted you could replace with coosa board or it's equivalent. I wouldn't remove any bracing until you've put it back together. I used an oscillating tool to clean off the inside of...
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    DIY G10 tube

    Done. I drilled a small pilot on each side measuring from the outside. I ran a piece of tig rod through the hole and checked the distance on the inside using the centerline and verified level with a laser. I then drilled to 3/8" and inserted a 3/8" ss tube. I used the tube as a guide for the...
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    DIY G10 tube

    Bowsprit and snubber. Great thanks I'll glue it in tomorrow.
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    DIY G10 tube

    It's a 28' horstman trimaran. The wall thickness is 1/4". I hadn't really thought about the size of the dyneema any advice on sizing would be great. Thanks for the compliment it turned out pretty good I think. It's out of round by a 1/16". I used the PVC on the outside and pressed the mandrel...
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    DIY G10 tube

    Pic of the bow .. the brown line is 6" above dwl. The bow cap hasn't been installed yet.
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    DIY G10 tube

    I couldn't bring myself to shell out $200 for a 6" of 1" G10 tube. I made a jig out of 1/2" of mild steel tubing and a split piece of PVC pipe. I used 36" 12oz biaxial tape for the cloth. Proset epoxy. When wound on the mandrel the OD was 1.25" and I compressed to 1". This is for a bow eye...
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    Installing G10 backer plates.

    You can use a battery charger to release the fasteners. Use some copper wire attached to the clamps. Touch both wires to a spot on the fasteners .. it only takes a couple seconds. Fasteners will easily back out.
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    DIY Stainless Railings:

    I've got a jd2 I've used for roll cage fabrication. What bend radius die did you use?
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    Big sanding and buffing jobs ahead - which sanders/buffers should I buy?

    If you've got compressed air Hutchins makes a quality DA. any electric sander is likely to fail on a big job they aren't designed for continuous duty.
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    F27 rudder downhaul stop

    Looking at this drawing of the f27 rudder head assembly and I don't see what stops the rudder in the down position? I see the bumper for the retracted position on the back of the head. I don't own an f27 I'm thinking of using the rudder since a couple of companies make it. Is it just not shown...
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    They make products to treat dry suits to restore the coating that sheds water. That might work for you.
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    Bluewave fittings for dyneema

    I've emailed bluewave I'll see what they say. Thanks
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    Bluewave fittings for dyneema

    It seems tyetec just has the one fitting you provided. I did some searching on here and there was a thread mentioned several times that tested the bend radius but my search Kung Fu sucks can anyone link that here? That was a concern with these was how much smaller that radius is vs colligo. I've...
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    Bluewave fittings for dyneema

    Has anyone used these fittings? I tried contacting the retailers listed for the US but no one stocks them or knew of a rigger that's used them. I provided a link to one of the fittings. Thanks.
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    I read your initial post and got worried that c-head had gone under after changing management. I'm building a new boat and the regular one fits my space. I emailed them this morning and had a response just after lunch. Waiting on a shipping estimate to get final price. Their response indicated a...