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    Gunboat 72V

    I think they are unicorns because they don't economically work.  By going smaller you save in materials, but most of the cost of one of these boats is labor, and you don't save that much by making the boat shorter. The systems are still there, the fit and finish work is the same, so you wouldn't...
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    Gunboat 72V

    I think there is probably a market for a more cruising oriented catamaran that isn't horribly slow. I'm not sure what would be directly competing with this? Maybe the HH 88, but that is longer and 50% heavier.  I think GB is going for as big as it needs to be to have the space you want...
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    Gunboat 72V

    I agree that it's a new direction for GB, but it will be interesting to see how this thing performs. Compared to a lagoon seventy 7 (140,000 lb) it's relatively svelte at 62,600 lb. 
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    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Nothing to contribute about GB woes, but this is an interesting write up of Moonwave's hybrid system.
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    Gunboat 60 Sea Trial Video

    Video shot by somebody of the new Gunboat 60 on sea trials WARNING: MUTE THE VIDEO, THERE IS NOTHING BUT CRAPPY TECHNO IN THE BACKGROUND Centerboard calibration! Push button controls for the mainsheet? Nifty, It looks like they got her going pretty quickly in light wind. Uploader...
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    Gunboat new and improved website

    There are new pictures of the interior of an almost finished gunboat 60 as well, I really like the cockpit design
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    Gunboat 60 New Pictures

    Peter, do we have any idea what the range is on fully electric drive? or does they system only allow the batteries to shallow cycle before the generator kicks on.
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    Gunboat 60 New Pictures

    So it looks like the new owner of Moonwave is eager to share some pre-launch pictures on the boat's new website! Here are some interesting shots Is that a folding dagger board I see? The 66 had a retractable one. The props also look like they have been...
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    Bin Laden Dead?