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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    This tempts the hell out of me.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Yeah, I think I recognize it, was in ladysmith on the road by ivy green marina if I'm right. Was there for years.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Could be good, could be awful. Description isn't exactly helpful.
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    Vic Carpenter Fan Club

    Hey, just stumbled across this thread, beautiful boats . I have a bit of a basket case carpenter designed boat in my garage, a "sprint 24" it's called. No idea if it was built by vic or someone else to the plans ( I have the plans which is cool) Someone sent me a couple pics of nicer ones...
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    that'd be me...already scrounging lead... :D no firm thoughts on names yet. last boat was "rented mule". old scampi 30 leadmine. may have to have something to do with donkey's or beasts of burden tho. just for old times sake.
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    I want to go FAST!!

    yeah, I just picked up an old i14 a month or so ago for 1200bucks , and this weekend had the first real couple of sails on it. first was in about 8 knots with a huge guy for crew, and it was pretty mellow,got the chute up, and sorta got the hang of trap, then yesterday, in 15-20 and gusty as...
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    sounds a lot like my first sail in the I14 last weekend.... there was much capsizing, sinking, standing on centerboards and general floundering about.... launching off a leeshore beach is a going to a different spot next time... cheers, r
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    well, was actually more like 2600 I guess, 2900 canadian bucks, and he was firm on the price, nice boat , just too much coin for me. havent seen many up here at all to look at... Looks like he's sold it now tho , and I have a boat , so it's all moot anyways. cheers, ryan
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    Haha, yeah I bought it :P burning at the stake ha, fuck I hope not, I'm gonna be fairly selective on the weather for the first few runs , she's a game one so I'm sure it'll be fine. :unsure: , she's sailed lots with me in the scampi 30 and has valiantly tried to windsurf for the last...
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    29er How to - Keel Project

    Regardless of how it'll work, I gotta admire your skill in building that, looks very slick! you know how they say opinions are like assholes? well looks like you've got lots of both in this thread... :) cheers, ryan
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    well, I've actually found another, ( thanks to mward) that I'm going to go check out in the next couple weeks. maybe even this weekend if I can get my shit together. as for that one, it had a sock and the bits and pieces, but he's firm on the price, and that is just plain too steep for me. I'm...
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    heh, well, I'm starting to lean towards either a really cheap boat that needs fixing or just building something over the winter. once I sell my 30 footer I'll have more cash to have more options, so probably best I wait for that. we'll see. went windsurfing yesterday, so got my speed fix in so...
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    well, went to see it, seems kinda overpriced to me, looks like it's an older boat that someone cut the fordeck off of in the past( leaving that sortof, X that you can see there to brace the mast ). all spars are aluminum( which is fine for me, carbons a little too muckymuck for the likes of...
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    Havent been to see it yet, I'm guessing he sorta half assed put it together for the picture. thats USD( tho there's only a 10% difference these days), and yeah, I'd be lowballing, trouble is you never see any fast skiffs around up here, . it does come with a proper trailer, not just the cart...
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    I.D. and age of an I 14?

    ok, I have a pic of it, not sure if I can post the pic up or not, but I'll have a go. I have the pic in a photobucket thing, so hope this works....(lemme know if you can see this pic....) So, what the hell is it? guys asking about 2500 usd. good deal? run far far away? thanks, ryan

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