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    Hurricane Season 2022

    Uh no, def not mine. 😄 at 6'5 and 67 I don't think I'm gettin in that thing. Definitely not behind the wheel. Don't see how it could be dry anywhere...
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    🙄 300 miles on the odometer
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    If you need it fisheries supply says they have 8
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    Holy shit I have clients who just bought in port Charlotte, I don't even think they have even stayed there yet
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    Hearing FM even with no tuner...

    Does anyone else hear it?
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    I wasn't sure why everyone was laughing at me until.........

    You want to be the one to explain apostrophes to them?👍 Go for it 😎
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    Putin and Ukraine

    That's a whole rail yard of garbage.
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    Rudder Mystery.. what boat??

    Mac 26x
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    I think so...
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    LONQR 2

    Nice try 😅
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    Pics That Get You...

    2 different lights
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    SV Seeker

    Probably these guys
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    Sourcing parts for a Yacht Specialties steering pedestal

    tip, put your phone on selfie video and you can see into tight places both live and recorded for later study. I think it's just a clevis pin axle, check for a head on the far side and rotate the pin with vice grips. Don't drive the pin out by force you might break the casting. Ps, that nut in...