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    C&C 66 for sale - how much cash would this burn as a couple's cruiser?

    Big boats have divided rigs for good reasons.
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    Better sailing performance on a liveaboard cruiser?

    A two-bladed prop can "hide" in the aperture. When I crewed on a Tartan 33, one crew member crawled into a locker pre-race, removed a panel to reveal the propeller shaft, and turned the shaft to a pre-marked position. He called out to the helmsman who put the engine into gear so it wouldn't...
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    Better sailing performance on a liveaboard cruiser?

    Just to add to the contradictory information already compiled in this thread, Bob Perry doesn't like a high-value yankee. He prefers a low clew as you can see here. To me, it looks like it makes it difficult to set a staysail, but what do I know?
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    Windex & Davis

    Thanks Slick. I've seen two different bases that get fastened to the mast. I'll try to get the one that matches what's up there, and if I get it wrong, the rrigger will cope.
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    Windex & Davis

    I need to replace my masthead wind vane. I'm confused by what I see in the market. "Windex" is the name known to me, but most sellers are featuring the Davis WindTrak 15. Some call it the Davis Windex 15. Is there a difference? Has Davis purchased the Windex business?
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    Suggestions requested on getting IP 380 from Rock Hall, MD to Hilton Head, SC

    To point out the obvious, just because you have to leave Rock Hall by a certain date doesn't mean you have to set off for HH on that date. You can find another place to wait out a week or so as needed until crew or companions are available.
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    Junk Rigged Boats

    Honk Kong, 1970.
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    Coolboats to admire

    LFH may have been an influence for the construction plan. He developed a system of "longitudinal" construction.
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    "Open mic on channel 16...."

    If you have VHF DSC, you may be able do a radio check with a feature on the training menu. It worked for me with a CG station about 10 miles away.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Quite the attention-getter for beer can racing.
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    Piracy Business Model

    And the ship, the black freighter With fifty long cannons Opens fire on the town
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    In my backyard, so to speak. It's a great Joel White design.
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    Best Cruising in Florida?

    I've always had trouble with left and right, too.
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    Sailboat gets caught under bridge in NYC

    William Buckley had accident with an East River bridge.
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    Fire at Matapoisette Boatyard

    Back in the late 1960s, I was at the Concordia yard at Padanarum in the winter. The wooden boats were packed like sardines. IIRC, they had tracks from the railway that spread over the storage area.