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    Off season storage

    If I'm keeping the boat dry with a dehumidifier while on the hard for the winter, why can't I keep the sails on the boat? I always pull them off and store them at home but I don't know why?
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    Insurance Company Recommendations, Catalina 30 NY

    I was pleasantly surprised that I got a great rate at Amica, premium hasn't gone up in several years.
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    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Glad I stumbled upon this thread, I was on the fence, time to replace the TacTic. Def going with this Pro Start now.
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    Off Soundings Club - Look Back, Look Ahead 2021

    Doesn't feel like a sailing season without OSC. Sure hope it's on for next year. Question though, does the timer keep ticking on the penalty? It's my turn this year in C2.
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    What Is This Knot?

    Bowline with extra steps. Enough of that, let's talk about that beautiful table. Love the inlay.
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    Covid-19 Impact on Yacht Club Revenue and Financial Stability

    Just got notice our club was going to start launching boats. Clubhouse and deck will remain closed until further notice. Our new bar was promising but it sits with lights out. Dues and slip fees have already been paid, almost like business as usual.
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    Used sails

    So, Espo?
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    Used sails

    What does one do with used sails? I've tried the dudes that bring them to Hati, they haven't gotten back to me. Thought about the peps that make sail bags; my sail loft can't offer any advice. I've got several old head sails and mains form an X372 with no idea what to do with them, soon they...
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    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Ready for the shitty delivery, hope Friday and Saturday are fair.
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    Which factors do make us attend a race event?

    All good points, I organize our club's regatta and have seen a shift in registration methods in the ECSA. Most clubs are using YachtScoring for regatta and party registration. Considering the idea of better advertisement and reminders, would using an online registration encourage more...
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    A Bump in the Night.

    A committee boat hit us on a down wind finish. Fr's need to stay put...
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    Don't Let SailCare Clean Your Sails!

    The Great Pumpkin was on last night. It's always awesome! Charlie Brown you fucking blockhead!
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    I420 vs.Club 420

    Off topic but somewhat related, the board has asked me to look into starting a youth sailing program and I'm thinking the C420 would be the right choice. We are located near YCYC in Branford so maybe some competition could be in order some day. The real question, if we wanted to get a few...
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    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    That is crazy, Never had any upcharges with my apps.
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    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    I'll be sure to stop by. Are you guys bringing the Bird to Crockers Thursday?