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    West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????

    6mm heatset dyneema from defender is $2.71/ft and they have 660' continuous...
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    West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????

    can i have the stuff you throw away? i'll pay for shipping
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    Class B AIS, now that Garmin owns Vesper

    If you just want a basic AIS transponder with N2k support, I think there are many options. It seems that what differentiates them are the extra features... do you have a separate antenna splitter? i have a XB-8000. If I had to do it again i'd skip all the extra bells and whistles and go with...
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    B&G Triton Edge

    On the facebook B&G group the B&G guys said that it will *eventually* have the ability to take a full polar chart. But not in the initial software release. Someone did ask for a comparison between it and the H5000, they said they were putting something together. Doesn't the H5000 have a web...
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    Hurray for the Irish Coast Guard - 200 years old

    Great helicopter!!
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    Cheating way to insert bolt into light carbon laminate & polystyrene foam

    One way is to drill a small hole in the location where you want them through the first skin. Then as zonker said, use an allen key in a drill to carve out the foam between the laminates from that hole. Then fill with thickened epoxy and let cure. Then you can come back and drill through the...
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    Simrad AP25/AC40 Wireless Remote

    ok, but if it has simnet (like my AC12 has), then the WR10 should work. Do you have a local B&G rep you can ask?
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    Black walnut toe rails?

    I just did a home deck in Cumaru (Brazilian teak). Aside from being rock hard and very dense, I was able to get 18' clear boards. It seems like it would do well on a boat?
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    Autopilot drive - repair or replace?

    Seems like you just need to get the seals repaired (if that's where it's leaking from?) Are they the "all in one" version or the "split" version with hoses? Can you actually tell where it's losing oil? Is it from a hose connection or the piston seal itself? If it works sufficiently...
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    Simrad AP25/AC40 Wireless Remote

    Is that unit older than N2k? My Simrad AC12 is controlled via a Triton controller, and the B&G WR10/BT1 unit commands it perfectly. I couldn't find the AC40 manual online to see it's specs...
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    Best Heading Sensor for H5000

    The Thrane unit looks great. But I still can't determine if you truly need 20hz from the precision 9 for things like MARPA... the AHRS is saying only 10hz. does it really matter? I haven't done the math.
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    poli glow removal woes

    This is what i used - saved my arm!
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    Offshore GPS Tracker Suggestions? battery lasts a pretty long time, or you can connect it to DC power... the waterproof DC cable will take 8-22v DC, but the basic charging cable is USB. If you look at the waterproof cable it looks like it has a regulator that takes...
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    poli glow removal woes

    I dealt with similar on my old boat. The floor stripper was the key - used a garden sprayer and worked in sections. I also found that once the floor stripper was visibly working, i could clear a lot of it with a power washer. The stubborn spots I hit with a green scrub pad. You can get a kit...
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    Dockside Water Filter recommendations

    For a dockside hookup (i.e. city water) then you can engineer the cartridge filter setup into your city water hookup plumbing before it gets to the rest of your boat (i.e. put it right after the inlet/regulator). I'd also verify that it's the filter that's reducing pressure. Since your city...