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    Race Week Anacortes

    Curious that the R/C let boats race in the handicap classes (and get trophies) when they didn't even comply with the entry requirements in the NOR. OSR Category 4 requires lifelines.
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    Race Week Anacortes

    Anyone have any news? Wrapped up on Friday.
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    SD Boatworks Carbon Kelp Stick

    If you buy one from SD Boatworks, does he include one of his MAGA hats too? 
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    Mission Impossible?

    I hear Wreck-It Ray from Portland has some time in his schedule.....
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    ORC boats & personality traits of the gifted

    Is this thread going to lead to another thread, "PHRF boats & personality traits of the "special""?
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    Transpac 2021

    any predictions on who will do well and who will just get there, both class and overall? 
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    Bieker rudder on a J/111?

    only a little different 
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    Dyneema Lifelines

    So for a product like WR2 which Max R posted a pic of up thread, how is an inspector supposed to measure the core of a line that is fully covered?   Guessing is not measuring
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    What is the closest 40’er to a TP52?

    Would be much more entertaining to discuss which TP52s are sailed at a level of modern 40 footers? I can think of one or two. 
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    5 things men should know about sailing with women

    If someone is looking for the bad in everything they likely will find it. Toxic femininity exists just the same as toxic masculinity  
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    Transpac 2019

    Reading their race recap in Suck-butt it gives the impression they knew where other boats were that were a long (out of AIS distance) way from them. 
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    Andy Schwenk

    Got tired of his "wife" having a very public side piece? 
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    truth to power?

    Except the Beave used a methanol fuel cell, an Efoy one
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    R2AK 2019

    I was commenting on what the Beavers actually did. Way beyond what seemed to be the intent of the race but the organizers allowed it and it is their event
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    R2AK 2019

    You mean like using a generator/fuel cell to charge an electric motor to pump the keel to rock the boat and make it move?