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    Sprucing up a 40-year-old Nordic

    +1 on the The Fein Multimaster,  I splurged and got one years ago,  someone building a Mini Transat boat at the time told they could build a whole f'ing boat with a Fein,  so I got it. Been very useful since then and it's got all sorts of uses if you do any home DIY as well as being good on the...
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    Is my leech too tight?

    Outstanding graphics on that sail, looks just like it's blown to bits....
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    Help me Spend Money on Clutches

    I have Antal and have worked very well, no issues at all.  16 years old and counting.  
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    Anybody ever seen a 12v Wet/Dry vac that’s worth a damn?

    Yup,  read the title on the thread and was going to recommend Milwaukee,  I use mine on the boat a lot, great for getting water out of tight spots.  
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    What is this? Or Stuff found in a toolbox.

    I found that once I put some winch covers on my winches,  sewed them up myself,  they held up much better  in terms of mean time between services..... 
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    Did you know winches need to be maintained? It's true! Shocking, I know. WTB Comprehensive list of maintenance.

    I have found that with my Barients,  having winch covers on them does wonders for keeping them running smooth.  Once a year teardown and service also.   These are 38 year old winches,  pretty good I reckon.   YMMV
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    3Di sails - how are they holding up?

    Yes, Sunbrella cover for the main and yes, UV strip on the jib, to be fair,  the jib comes off a lot if I am not using the boat much or hurricane/ storm.  UV cover holding up pretty well so far.   
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    3Di sails - how are they holding up?

    Zonker -  not a ton of hours,  bad if you ever think of #$/hour of sailing.....  probably 20-30 "sailing days"  a year I guess, mostly in 0-18 kts, not a whole lot of abuse heaped on the sails, but in Bermuda where UV's are a factor.  Figure  7 hours per sailing day to be generous.  Boat is an...
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    Anchor Shackles

    +1  on the Crosby and Acco Also,  not sure of your exact boat and usage profile, but you might want to think about more than 10' of chain,  makes a big difference.  I think I have 15' of chain on my 16' Whaler.... 
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    3Di sails - how are they holding up?

    I have 7 years now on my 3DI main and jib,  and they are on the boat nearly 365 days a year.  For comparison,  my 3DL main lasted 7 years and when I replaced it with the 3DI,  I think it was pretty well toast,  when they go, they tend to go fast in terms of delam, that is the 3DL.  I also...
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    Backstay pressure sensor?

    Mine is solar powered.....and I have a wind powered backup ! 
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    Hybrid German mainsheet system?

    If you have a loose footed main,  you can put a strop right around the boom for your blocks to hang on....  just reduces some metal and clutter.  
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    Raymarine Wind issue

    FWIW - mine started working again.....  fingers crossed they keep working.  Looking at a new system anyhow,  my AP Control Head is shot as are several of my displays.  Start replacing those off eBay and you almost might as well get new technology. 
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    Learn to splice recommendation ?

    The Ronstan D splicer is a good tool to use.... I used to use the hollow tube fids, but the d splicer is much better.  
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    Stripped vs spliced halyards

    +1,  have done exactly the same thing, works fine.  Only wrinkle  has been when you use the halyard to hoist someone up the rig,  you are sort of running a bit of tail through till you get to cored halyard,  it works though,  just have a safety line ( second halyard ) on them too...