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    John Clauser wins the Nobel Prize in Physics

    Nice guy and constant competitor..... congrats John.
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    Putin is losing his war badly, so bad he threatened nukes. What should the response be if he does?

    Then tell us what he says in your weekly meetings then..... traitor and shill deluxe. You prove daily that you are more incapacitated than we could believe a person could be..... or you're an evil shill of a cuckhold flexing your internet anonymous coward fingers.
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    If there was ever a statement that proved gullibility existed this was it.
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    And probably doesn't even get paid for it..... good little Trump cuckhold.
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    Quite good coverage for a first coat.
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    Says the latest sock of.....?
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    Easysea winch handle

    Not even a carbon one.
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    Using Vodka to winterize head

    early and often
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

    I couldn't go back and listen again to get the actual quote. These people breed.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Counties control county property tax. I'm talking a federal tax.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Single family homes, townhomes and condos are for living. After a few homes taxes should go through the roof.
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    What boat should I get - if any?

    Do not get a Nonsuch..... no offense to those that love them. Get a boat with a jib and spinnaker to keep growing your skills.
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    Shannon Brandt, ring any bells?

    What if he DID kill him for his political beliefs? Are non-republicans not allowed to be batshit crazy like so many from the cult-GOP. I mean he is a wussy Democrat and ONLY killed one..... nothing that will out-crazy your brethren. Notify me when thousands storm the capital to stop the...
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    FM radios and dual batteries

    Get a different radio. As I don't want to drain the battery the radio I got (a round instrument type for a powerboat) keeps the memory with no need for a constant power source.
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    Vaccines work. Bullshit doesn't.