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    pictures of elies' rescue

    5 pics, text is in german. he looks exhausted, great job by RAN. the text says that his injuries are more dangerous than expected. several ribs are broken and might have damaged his lungs.,1518,597810,00.html
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    bulb-weight on VOR-boats

    the skipper of kosatka is austrian. in an interview with a local tv-station he reveiled the reason for the light bulb on his boat. the team is privately financed (as we all know) and from the beginning was planned as a low budget project. they wanted to build a bullet-proof boat to keep the...
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    Telefonica Farr designs can't take the heavy offwind?

    I have to ask a stupid question because english is not my first language. today bekking said they are fast when reaching but have problems with the bow going down while running. as far as i understood the english terms running and reaching until today these boats never run as they do not go...
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    Live info on Race 3

    thanks freakIRL!!! you saved my day!
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    Mike Sanderson is a......

    pix or it never happened....
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    Fund Raiser for Hans and his family

    IBAN/BIC for internet banking would be useful, too. I'm in.
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    please change that ugly thing on the bow. everything else is simply beautiful. great looking boat! i would love to see them here in europe!
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    SHOW US YOUR TI..............................................GER!!!
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    Has anyone heard of Picco yachts?

    it's a Franchi 28 One Design.
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    ISAF World Sailing Games

    boathouse: my laser-days are long gone, my last race at lake neusiedl was maybe ten years ago, but i will try my best. (I'm living 100 km from lake neusiedl) temperature: lake neusiedl has 300 sunny days/year and hardly any rain during summer. temperatures in summer (june-august) are high (up...
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    ISAF World Sailing Games

    i forgot to mention this!
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    ISAF World Sailing Games

    in fact lake neusiedl is a famous sailing venue here in central europe (it's one of the biggest lakes in europe also - ca 30 km long). the lake is surrounded by steppe - so no obstructions for the wind blowing in from hungary. lake neusiedl is famous for its strong and consistent winds. I once...
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    New movi crew members

    what's the story behind Drennan's withdrawal?
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    new Wally launched (Barong C)

    would you spend 10 mill $ for a new Wally... and use some supersized Mac26X-sails?