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    Looking for 2022 Crew - WLIS

    Sounds good! Best of luck!
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    Looking for 2022 Crew - WLIS

    What boat did you buy? The Express 37 is fantastic!
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    J/44 Equivalent / Comparable boat (in Europe)?

    Why not buy one from the Ststes and ship or sail it over?
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    Flying Tiger

    Go Tigga!
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    Express 37 q's

    Such great boats...I sailed on Lora Ann on LIS and we had a solid fleet for years...LA has been setup for short handed racing - Bermuda, Block Island and Vineyard Races..happy to pass along Rich's info by PM if you'd like to get in touch with him. He put a new bulkhead in the v berth for a...
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    Hey, Bob Perry

    Happy birthday Bob! Back out on the FT 10 Red Stripe next week!
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    Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    Bermuda Race shared his post...maybe they have an unofficial understanding now.
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    Jeff Hammer Celebration of Life

    Nice Tom, say hi and give our best to the family from the Reicharts
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    Usually helps....maybe more bud heavies should be stationed on the rail?!!
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    go for it...plenty of people here to help you sort things out as you for build quality, the Tiger I've sailed on for the past 5-6 years has had no structural issues of any w/ confidence! oh and as for dicking around with the family, have fun sailing past everybody...just...
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    Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    sad to hear about Jeff's passing. Condolences to Heidi and Marques.
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    Darts #4 & #5 build log.

    Yup, go build your own fleet!
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    Left Coast Dart

    Tooling is for your own fleet!