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    Trimaran 39 Objectif Rhum (cruise race)

    Missing updates ...
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    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter

    I seen her 7 or 8 years ago at more-less similar asking level. Some brokers asked much higher price later on. I guess You have a GOOD chance to own Your dream/ Just give her a try!
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    Schionning G Force 1400

    Can't believe this hatch can leak !? Perfect idea compared to what I usually see on multihulls ...
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    9 M Trimaran in Australia

    Hi, Lowngroove! Has anybody approached You with a request to build / sell Your drawings for building a sister boat on their own?
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    Why do so many designers mess up ama sizes at first?

    I also believe I have answered Your question for me myself. I am pretty sure Designers/Architects are taking care of what THEY are doing at first when designing the boat for certain tasks/sailing conditions/areas. Ama sizes are "attached" to that, keeping in mind amas length is related to amas...
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    Chasing "recent market"? May this be the answer? The price for a newly built G4 with automated foils control in 2019 was Eur 1.7 upto 2.0 (depending on specs).
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    Shama Lama Ding Dong! - ORC 57 Is Alive

    Nothing more but just numbers... Out of those freshly built boats have noticed an Italian one of 53 ft LWL with 1.35(!) meters clearance.
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    Shama Lama Ding Dong! - ORC 57 Is Alive

    " The base boat costs €1.195m ex VAT in sail-away condition. ... The demonstration model, fully kitted out with a carbon mast, carbon cabin top, a high-end suit of Incidence race sails, NKE electronics, a watermaker and a whole host of other cruising extras costs slightly over €1.7m ex VAT"
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    I'm going to do this when I grow up

    As far as can see all those digital gurus linked to Coboat idea finally switched over to a shore-based solution there in a warm climate location ///
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    Atlantic 47 - no flaps?

    Seems Wabi Sabi You are talking about is an A-49, sorry.
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    And now there's a Gunboat 68 for sale (GB6804)

    Can this picture help?  :rolleyes: (last 10 years  money supply as per FED)
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    40m trimaran Domus

    Domus is smaller but WIDER! I would say the WIDEST! 
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    40m trimaran Domus

    Call Elon Musk, he must like it! 
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    Second (stern) anchor?

    Not always SANDY .. :rolleyes: