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    What happened to the Open 5.70?

    this is what I meant - a similar boat set up with a masthead kite; just needs a different mast in it maybe.  And a slightly longer prod.  THis is short relative to the 650.  Definitely would plane up earlier than the smaller fractional kite.  #kiwisstyle
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    What happened to the Open 5.70?

    always thought they were a cool boat but needs decent breeze with that conservative sail area + small flat kite; a good starter boat and big breeze boat, the twin rudder set up probably is a bit of a safety margin as well vs. a single.  Coming from France and in that era they probably were ideal...
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    Amazing post, learned as much from this post about chines as some of the sections of your dad's book for high performance sailing.  Appreciate it.
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    lovely boat this one.
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    For the Shaw 650s, we do have the little wings, but kept the boat within the trailerable width, so it's 2.45m wide and the no volume wings means the boat self rights easily and are the right width to sit on; Rob Shaw did a great job to design a simple to build boat; the bigger Shaws have the...
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    sorry to say that in law this is not how these words are used in my limited legal knowledge.  Shall Will May Must all are used quite specifically and often poorly in legal contracts especially when there are if then statements, so a lot of it is contextual - probably best no one ever uses shall...
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    Starboard is a global windsurfing company, the #1 windsurf brand globally, with a Norwegian owner Sven Rasmussen, and the head designer Tiesda Yu iis Vietnamese.  They are based in multiple locations but their head office is just down the road from me in Bangkok Thailand, their test centre is...
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    Singapore Does What We've All Been Thinking...

    They aren't being turned away, they are just being asked to pay their fair share. Which as per the examples above would be roughly in the ballpark of people with history of drug abuse, obesity, smokers pay higher rates for insurance (or are unable to secure insurance) due to being higher risk...
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    Far East 23 R Compared to J 70 which boat better for the older sale

    who do you intend to sail with would be a bit of a question?  I'm not sure the J70 would be quick enough to race with the sportsboat fleets in Australia, but hard to say, not sure there are any J70s there.  FE23 certainly looks the part, are there actually any in Aussie now? The heavier...
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    Phuket is in sandbox mode; no one can get in without being fully vaccinated; so local tourism has slumped; as a tourism driven economy it's pretty dire from what I heard, also in low season now anyhow, and so the beaches and nature are probably absolutely stunning this year.  Has a huge impact...
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    The official 2021 Tokyo Olympics thread

    In the Finns back in 1984 I remember Russell Coutts had to have everything weighed similar situation because Finn sailors (my dad included) all used to wear these big wet wool clothes they could soak and get extra weight; if over a certain limit with a certain protocol to weigh, they would get...
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    we are really struggling after doing so well last year.  Speaking on the ground this is what has changed: 2020: first country to be infected outside of China along with huge Chinese tourism back then including from Wuhan came right after PM2.5 pollution so everyone was already masked up for the...
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    Boat pets

    one of my highlights of my life was taking my cat sailing...for her, not sure she thought it was a highlight.  Didn't take her too far, as it's a pretty wet boat, and she is ok on the sea, but didn't like the water too much.  Lived to 18, passed away last year sadly. Thai cats are pretty...
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    Phuket : Multihull Solutions Regatta July 9-12th

    Still so difficult to travel around from pattaya hopefully by Kings cup we are all vaccinated and back on the water.  Always fun to bring a knife to a gun fight with my little Shaw..... No more Pornstar but my new 550 should be able to show up some multis downwind and reaching too plus some...
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    Cool and Weird and Scary?

    Looks like Kim Kardashian - curves in the wrong places.