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    Any ideas or hints about where the POWs taken by UKR are being held? There must be thousands by now. edit: heard some US ex-gen, i forget who it was, suggesting that of these 300k new troops to the theater that many may surrender; and that they could even turn their guns against their...
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    Team American Magic

    The rumor posted here some months back that Doug DeVos had been chatting with TS made it pretty clear that it would happen one way or another, eventually. TS adds a great deal of spice to this team, am really happy about it. THutch and the Quantum team won the most recent TP52 event, not sure...
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    Team American Magic
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    At what stage do we find our balls ?

    Both TFH and DeStuntis were criminally dismissive of COVID. Mofos.
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    At what stage do we find our balls ?

    Has anyone seen the number of COVID deaths in China? The USA, with maybe a third the population, has suffered the highest in the world!
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    Wondered the same. On the suffering, and especially the civilian suffering, it was good to see RU withdraw from Izyum. If UKR had flattened that city Mariupol-style it would have been a lot worse for everyone. Sievierodonetsk is a potential bloodbath to come, here's hoping something similar...
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    Alinghi Challenge AC37

    from But the breeze was inconsistent in strength and direction - beginning at 9kts, but increasing to 14kts in the afternoon, and when the decision was made to curtail the session the breeze had increased to...
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    The DeSantis response so far:
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    SailGP America’s Cup sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke went head-to-head in a waka race on the Ōtākaro Avon River to promote next year’s SailGP
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    At what stage do we find our balls ?

    Umm, what??
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

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    Herschel Walker Watch

    It would be interesting to hear whatever blather he could sum up, on the subject of BLM?
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    The waiting is okay, adds to the entertainment :) This is just another example of how the number of people who will get taken down by the DoJ for their criming makes for ...... A LONG LIST!
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    They are suggesting the obstruction could be even wider-ranging? Oh no!