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    Meme Anarchy

    Shoot, that's about the only useful thing I ever did know but I am clueless about the rest.
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    From Russia With Love

    I went to an Itzhak Perlman recital around 1995. Just awe-inspiring how one unamplified guy with a violin could fill a large concert hall with sound.  And such beautiful sound.
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    another evergreen containership runs aground, this time in Chesapeake bay near Baltimore

    Maryland has been whinging about and studying where to put another bay crossing for ages.  EF is in a perfect spot to make it part of the solution.  Build a new bridge-tunnel combo like at the mouth of the bay.  Just run Rt 100 out through that park where everyone is gawking at the ship from...
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    What to Read

    Have you read any other Pynchon?  I like him but can understand why he's not to everyone's taste.  For M&D, there's a lot of surveying in the 1000 pages, but I'm not sure it's worth forcing yourself to read all the rest of it if you're not enjoying the ride.  With anything of his I figure...
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    what are you listening to right now .... part six

    Went to see these two last night, first live show I've been to since covid.
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    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    There are four Navy 44 Mk1 up for sale on   Auctions end Feb 3.
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    Don’t get scammed for concert tix

    I was searching youtube for evidence that I really saw Bela/Sam/Jerry play since I was starting to question my memory and found there's already bootleg cellphone video of the encore at the Sunday night show you went to posted.  Won't post the link in case you as a professional musician frown on...
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    Don’t get scammed for concert tix

    Sorry about the money, but I would have believed $180 too. The $25 I would have guessed was a scam or counterfeit if someone told me that on the street. I bet the $25 seats didn't last long.  I got to see Bela Fleck play with Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas at Merlefest a few years ago. They were...
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    The 2021 Aviation thread

    Good video, on the greatest hits rotation at every safety standdown.  For a flyover at an NFL game, there's decent chance flight lead was someone fairly senior. Flights like that can be the kind of thing where a senior guy who doesn't get to fly much any more says, "yeah, put me on that one." 
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    The 2021 Aviation thread

    Guess I'm waffling here, but just watched the cockpit view again and on the other hand it doesn't look all that bad from there.  If you're used to flying low and close to obstacles like the 101st does all the time, I could see why the pilots would feel going between the light towers wasn't that...
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    The 2021 Aviation thread

    Not true. Military pilots are subject to FAR in federal airspace unless there is a written exemption. I'm way rusty on that stuff, 10 yrs plus 3 days since my last flight actually, but every military pilot knows that unless the got winged in the 1940s. Funny comment about MOA's though because my...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Jerome Rand is off on a new adventure, no YouTube videos I'm aware of but he is soliciting donations this time.  For charity, not a Patreon scheme.
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    What to Read

    Since Undaunted Courage and Pynchon were mentioned above, I have to recommend Pynchon's Mason & Dixon. Tremendously entertaining, historical, all-around amazing book. Written with a lot of Snaggletooth-ian olde english I recall, but it has been 24 years since I read it. Long, and so good I...