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    Macgregor 26 4th Mode

    A satisfied AMC Pacer owner... Nothing wrong with that.
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    Call me Ishmael - a test to see if the 10,000 character limit has been relaxed

    SPOILER - How it all ends: Moby Dick Spoiler
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    Call me Ishmael - a test to see if the 10,000 character limit has been relaxed

    With the new changes at the marina, my hypos got such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off, so I think it is time for another chapter of MOBY DICK. CHAPTER 3. The...
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    Bob Perry is Legend

    Bob Perry's "Perry on Design" design vignettes in Sailing Magazine make great reading. He's been doing them for donkeys years. Thanks, Bob. Great Stuff!
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    Iranians try to steal navy drone

    Well I guess the testing is over - saildrones to war!
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    Macgregor 26 4th Mode

    To quote Lovecraft, "...a jabbering, perfidious foam, a grasping horror, a globular, repellent, colourless miscarriage...a restless, incomplete, ichorous eldrich, of mindless, cellular discord"...of macs
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    Macgregor 26 4th Mode

    a surfeit of macs Surfeit is an excessive amount of something, such as food or drink, or malaise caused by consuming in excess. An example of surfeit is when a person has nausea because he has had simply too much. Also a gaggle of skunks.
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    Libby No. 76 Sets Sail After Refit

    Historic sailboat returns to Bristol Bay, amid record-setting salmon season From National Fisherman, author Kate Troll . With permission from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the crew of the restored Libby 76 briefly put a net in the water made with the waxed wooden corks that were...
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    Smoking cigar butts they picked out of ash cans along the way. All true - at least in Hell's Kitchen.
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    never fuckin' mind

    The problem with the world is that it's always two drinks behind...
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    97-year-old Galway Hooker 'Loveen' Sails for the Dutch Canals

    Good doc about Galway Hookers (and a Gaelic lesson). Already closed captioned.
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    Cathlamet vs the Fauntleroy Dock

    Just like old times! Nice of the Washington State Ferries to close out the PNW news week with a bang. I feel a new song/drink coming on - a Cathamet Dolphin Kiss? The original "Elwha On the Rocks" song link below: from What happened to your mp3 of Elwha On The Rocks...
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    Libby No. 76 Sets Sail After Refit

    Great original film about Bristol Bay sailing workboats, back in the day. To view you must access through this YouTube Link.
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    Ted Turner and the Cal 40

    Blast from the past... THE MEANEST VAMP AT SEA By HUGH WHALL It was almost as if someone fresh off a motor scooter had dropped in on his friendly neighborhood Buick dealer, bought a car off the showroom floor and then proceeded to win a driving championship from the best drivers and the...
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    Soverel 26 fire

    Here is a quick synopsis: Serial philanderer Jesse James writer's thought it would be funny to enter a race with an V8-powered sailboat. Clearly didn't consider basic hydrodynamics. Project script writers (or design team lackeys?) can't organize inebriation in a brewery which is supposed to...