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    The world loses a great young sailor

    Bob, there are no words that work for you loss. I cannot imagine what pain your and your families suffering at this point. Our prayers go you out to you and to Spike. Remember that you have and are enriching all those that visit this site. "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some...
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    Good News!

    Roman, yes, I fully understand the freedom of speech thing. I never challenged Mahmud V right to speak his points of view. I just strongly disagree with his views and presumed superiority for having served in the military. Serving in the military or in the Iraq war is not a crucible that...
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    Good News!

    Mahmud V, I do not know who you are. Apparently you claim to have served in the US Military and in RVN. Your posts are incoherent and primarily cut and pasts of great thought leaders. I have one think to say to you, get the hell out of this country and go to one you like. You are a veiled...
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    SA Disaster Relief Fund

    Ed, I am in when the details are sorted out. Good efort and reflection on you and the SA sailing gang. Let just do it right and help all effected. TDAR
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    IRC - Doing the Math

    BJ, try this site.