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    SAYC & Anarchy Challenge Websites Project Group

    Gotta be honest . . . I'd never work for a self-centered narcissist like you. There isn't enough money in the world to endure your EB-caliber ego (you must secretly aspire to run alinghy some day, eh?). You start with a challenge, then downgrade it to a decent quality website, then downgrade...
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    SAYC & Anarchy Challenge Websites Project Group

    Squid, please find some other place to help with the AC Challenge and get the F#CK out of the Web design project. Your gross oversimplification of the process of creating a Website is absurd. Your plan sounded something like this . . . . Step 1. Pull your head out of your a$$. Step 2. Insult...
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    Who's Donated? Running Tally Here

    This is a pretty pessimistic view of the whole situation. A couple of things . . . . The "leadership" of the Sailing Anarchy is a problematic phrase. We are ANARCHISTS! There is not supposed to be leadership. If you are expecting Ed and Clean to have mechanisms in place to sound like...
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    SAYC & Anarchy Challenge Websites Project Group

    I'm in. I built the SAYC site, develop in PHP, work with Joomla, fluent in SQL, yadda, yadda . . . . Skype: tmarsolais
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    ACM Responds to SAYC's Challenge

    Nice: You signed up on FRIDAY so you could talk trash about clean??? WTF? Has there really not been a single thing in your life to worry about since an exchange from 2006? That man has some lawyerin' and paper-pushin' to do . . . .
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    Maltese Falcon T boned moments ago

    C'mon you guys just aren't getting it! The guy in the yellow jacket was looking DEEPLY into the helmsman's eyes. They were gripping the same steering wheel and the whole rest of the world faded away at just that moment. What does 20 or 298 feet of teak on the MF mean in the face of true love?
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    Maltese Falcon T boned moments ago

    Did Lake County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Russell Perdock get a sailboat? I thought he only liked speedboats--and this is DAYTIME. We know for sure from Peter's photos that the MF didn't have its running lights on . . . .
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    ...yet another dumb caption contest

    Do we use the canting keel NOW?
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    On-The-Water Anarchy - Race Track Monday

    Zar, I am in the same boat (pun intended). Slim pickin's on the rides today--although I was sober, NOT hung over and a non-english speaking Japanese sailor from a Farr 40 did NOT try to steal my rented bicycle. See you at the cash register . . . it looks like I'm gonna have to pay for my wrist...
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    On-The-Water Anarchy - Race Track Monday

    From the Race Committee . . . . 21 Jan 2008 ~ "Nautica Watches Day" Welcome to Day 1 of Acura Key West Presented by Nautica! Weather: Overcast and windy, current winds have been recorded at 18-21 knots with sea state variable from 2 1/2 -3 feet and some reports of 3-6 feet. Postponement: AP...
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    KWRW Crew Available

    Still available . . . . I'll be there, and on the docks if someone from your crew can't make it.
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    Roll Call

    Still looking for a ride, but I am there all week . . . .
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    KWRW Crew Available

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    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    I read the copyright notice, and at the bottom saw the offer of a lifetime! For $20 bucks, anyone can become Weeds SEMEN. What an experience THAT must be! With all of his ego, isn't this price a little low?
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    Looking to Crew for Key West Race Week

    Enough to get you a ride?