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    How far have autopilots come in 10 years?

    Power draw is also dependent on sail trim. Hand steer and trim sails until you are happy efor turning on the unit. Keep an aye on the neutral mark on your wheel, or the angle on the tiller. More weather helm means more power consumption.
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    Start watches, gill race timer no longer made?

    I use an ordinary quarz diving watch. I set the time correct to the second. The gun is never more than 10 sec off, they use a precise timer as well. The last 10 sec I correct with the bezel on the watch.
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    have you told your plotter your MMSI? It can be your own boat…
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    New Beneteau First 36

    @Parma regarding weight, I think you can handle that: a lot of sliders before it will be 500 gram.
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    Harken Performa winches

    Last post was 10 years ago, so I guess there is no rush. Why did you bring this up?
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    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    You don’t need any of this for passage making.
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    Jammed furler - any thoughts?

    Bring your binocolars and take a look at the top of the forstay and inspect the halyard, does it run straight down to the sviwel or is it some turns around the forstay (halyard wrap). If it looks OK, take the sail off and turn the furler around the forstay when the sail is removed, turn several...
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    Chartplotter Question

    I have B&G Vulcan. The SD card slot is on the back of the unit, so it can be difficult to remove if the unit is flush mounted.
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    USB-C On The Boat

    @toddster I thought USB-C was 5 V, what is the new voltage?
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    Avoid this Lewmar block

    This tab…:
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    Soft shackle stupid question

    On a 27 feet boat I would luggage tag one long sheet for a jib / genoa. I would tie a bowline on each sheet on a spinnaker. If I was going towards soft shacle I would not use separate ss’s, I would use a soft shacle spliced in the end of each sheet. But I don’t see the gain. I would use...
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    RIB Storage

    I had my RIB under a BLACK tarp to protect the pontoons, they were getting sticy. One week later the padded upholstery were toasted… so very hot is not good.
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    Sailor Dies in Newport Bermuda Race

    It's often the family that have views in those situations. Large resources are often used to find / retrieve bodies for piece of mind for the widow etc. But your particular information would be grateful for the skippers on the regattas and cruising you take part in. You might experience a larger...
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    Skirr adventures / Clipper Ventures

    Hello, the Clipper Race people have started to do round trips/ expeditions in a new company called Skirr adventures. Are there anybody here with experience / booking on one of the five legs of this summers UK / Scotland / Iceland / UK trip? or knowledge to the company in general? Good or bad…? I...
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    What sunglasses do you wear?

    +1 for Julbo. They have several models with good side shield, for glaciers etc. not what I wear on on the yacht club café, but good for the water on sunny days.