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    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    It's 2030 for the new diesel / petrol car sales ban in the UK.. Hence my old Landrover now has a galvanized chassis ,doors, bulkhead, stainless steel exhaust.. It will still be towing for someone else long after I'm gone...
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Although our club is on a river, the general start direction on the river is into the prevailing wind, the start line can be swung up to 45 degrees to a series of marker boards on the far side of the river. So not preferencing one tack or the other.. You can also start in the opposite direction...
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    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Interesting report this morning on TV, Macron has announced very similar changes to tax to what the Truss has done.. Macron having the advantage of the euro being supported by Germany..
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    Why would certain boat designs NOT sail to their rating?

    In the case of my little boat it doesn't sail to its rating because... 1, it's still got temporary sails. 2, I need to rebalance the boat for and aft, remove the temporary weight in the stern and put it in the keel. 3, I'm still learning to handle her.. 4, it needs a new rudder, I made a balls...
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    Revolution in Iran?

    Sadly it will come to nothing , the educated few in the cities are vastly out numbered by the Ill educated poor in cities and countywide...
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    A very one design, the rebuild..

    I mentioned the Fish kill.. this is a shot at Potter Heigham 17 miles inland by river.
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    A very one design, the rebuild..

    A picture from the club's Facebook page. Last week's down river race, You'll see I've taken BM down to port, the reason being there's shortly after a bank of trees on the starboard. It paid off as BM overtook R4 and Y&B36 for a short time as they kept up to starboard. You'll note the fake two...
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    A very one design, the rebuild..

    That's ok I don't mind a bit of drifting, often do that while out sailing... I was surprised our club closed to.. I would have thought it more likely to close the day before the actual funeral.. The fish kill mentioned before has spread another 5 miles up river.. We have just 3 more weekends...
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    God Save the Queen - farewell forever

    Yep, She's been on duty for most of her waking hours for the last week and a bit. She doesn't need to do it, she has access to Rod's millions, but puts her time in the police as a volunteer Special constable. She, with no fuss, serves the People of this country and will of course sworn...
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    A very one design, the rebuild..

    Autumn has finally arrived along with rain.. after weeks of no rain... The last weekend of August my model railway club had its summer show, which went well... Then I was on rescue boat duty the following weekend, this was followed by all sailing cancelled due to the death of HM The Queen. So...
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    God Save the Queen - farewell forever

    Cost? what cost, Very little in fact.. I'm sure the left wing papers will add everything up and come to some huge amount which won't be true.. Soldiers, get no extra pay, pay for their own food and accommodation out of their own pay (even if in barracks). The Senior civil servants on the parade...
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    Start watches, gill race timer no longer made?

    Since my club uses a radio controlled clock to run the start line, I just use a radio controlled wrist watch (Casio waveceptor). As part of this winters refit I'm going to put a tablet computer on the bulkhead, with the time and other data on it. So I don't have to look down.
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    QE DTS

    ODell's hardware store , used to use this place when I lived near by. Only been open 283 years. The Ferry Inn Horning, I've used this place and often sail past it. It's not the same building, the Germans bombed it, The licencee in 1500 was Mrs Gabbard, It's on the site of the mead hall owned...
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    QE DTS

    It's not that fabulous today, my younger sisters late husband was a miner, he died about the age of 50, from a cancer that you are more likely to get if you mine coal.
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    QE DTS

    Once they realised the number of people that were leaving reserved occupations, they changed the rules, You had to ask permission to leave a reserved job, many were sent back.. Due to the shortage of miners.. You could called up for the military and sent down the mines instead, The Bevin Boys...