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    Charleston Race Week

    Ya who was that Sara Fox character anyway she smoked almost all the big boys.....don't think its hereditary
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    Is the "Barracuda" being built and sold any where or was it a one off?
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    A Class advice and discussion

    I'm starting to look around for a boat as well , though in the US there seems to be not too many used ones available. I did have a question about the sail, what is the general life expectancy of a sail and who seems to be the current latest and greatest sailmaker for the class? Thanks
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    FT 10M #39 For Sale

    Newport RI is about 160 miles so no problem. Newport Beach Ca is about 3,000 miles so it will cost a little more. Boat hasn't gone on e-bay because I have 2-3 semi serious leads and I'm waiting them out a little bit. To set the record completely straight boat isn't being sold because of...
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    FT 10M #39 For Sale

    It will be on E-Bay next week...
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    FT 10M #39 For Sale

    After being strung out for over a month by a total and complete douche nozzle buyer I re-learned a few valuable lessons. 1) in a business transaction never be a "nice guy" 2) when someone bullshits you about overnighting a signed contract 3 times there OUT, 3) ALWAYS require cold hard cash (or a...
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    Buy this Boat

    Yes the boat is back on the market after I was screwed over by a total douche bag buyer who's wife wears the pants and told him he couldn't buy it. Price is BEST OFFER
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    Caribbean Flying Tiger #42 FOR SALE

    USA 39 is still for sale. First $40,000 takes it...
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    Strongly tempted to BUY THIS BOAT

    $40,000 next 10 days....
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    Flying Tiger Ratings

    It's 54 in PHRF New England
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    Lifting an FT10

    all you need is 150 pounds on the bow. Buy some large jerry jugs and fill them with water and lift from the keel eye..Its easy and works....
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    New 505 masts,booms,poles for sale

    Two words for you Blow Me! ....... and good luck. BTW if your the a-hole that called this afternoon bitching and moaning about the pricing, which I'm guessing you are. save yourself the dime next time...
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    New 505 masts,booms,poles for sale

    Little price adjustment: SuperSpar M2 Masts with rig kits $1,100.00 SuperSpar Carbon Booms $700.00 SuperSpar Carbon poles $250.00
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    New 505 masts,booms,poles for sale

    Well we are SuperSpar "dealers" for 470 stuff and I took the 505 stuff in with another "dealer" thinking we would try to sell new 505s, but that won't be any time soon. I will probably keep 1 complete set for our own use eventually.
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    New 505 masts,booms,poles for sale

    We currently have brand new SuperSpar 505 Masts, Booms and Spinn Poles in stock: 4 SuperSpar M2 Masts with rig kits $1,100.00 4 SuperSpar Carbon Booms $850.00 4 SuperSpar Carbon poles $276.00 Yah,Yah buy an ad, we are long-term advertisers in the gear section and I'll get an ad up in the...