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    Lehr 2.5 propeller

    Does anyone know if there is a high thrust propeller available for the Lehr 2.5? Was given one, figure on running it until it breaks, but it is a bit anemic pushing a Sc27. 
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    Changing engine key switch ignition to push-button

    Looking at the panel, why not just turn it upside down to put the key switch at the top? 
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    Ready for the end of (this part of) the world?

    But who's going to put the little umbrellas in the drinks?
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    Motor Scooter Anarchy?

    Born to be mild...
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    Motor Scooter Anarchy?

    I heard they are partial to Vespas...
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    bill herrschaft

    One of a kind, fair winds...
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    Chlorine shortages bust entitlement bubble

    Dontcha love a happy ending?
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    Musical Sailboats

    The guy with the accordion...Remember, you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish...
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    Automatic transmission fluid changes in a car - not quite on schedule

    May be too late, but if you have gone over 100k without changing the fluid, don't touch it, if you change the fluid there's a 50/50 chance it will start slipping. The crud in the fluid sometimes is the only thing holding it together. But servicing it according to the schedule will make it last...
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    SeaTow Automated Radio Check - Still Available?

    Jerome yelled at me for that when we were hooking up the antenna. :ph34r: :lol:
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    Ed Lada, is this you?

    And vowels...
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    Flooded kitchen anarchy - episode 1 (AKA what kind of floor to get)

    I'd plan on base cabinets and the sheetrock behind them, subfloor if it isn't concrete slab. I put bamboo down throughout the house aside from the kitchen and bath, floating over that thin foam material they use, but glued together so it's all one piece. If you are anywhere near local, I have...
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    SpaceX SN8 Starship DTS

    Them's some big test articles he's got there...
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    SpaceX SN8 Starship DTS

    Estes tennis balls, d motor, launched from the chainlink fence at the baseball field...took bravery or stupidity to be standing on the wrong side of the fence...
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    Can concur.