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    rules : how much room are you entitled to

    Blue here is the right of way boat (Leeward), but is restricted by Rule 18 (Mark-Room) with regards to how much room needs to be given. That means that Blue has an obligation to keep clear of Yellow unless sailing within room she is entitled. Yellow has an obligation to give mark-room to blue...
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    Melges 15 D-PN

    I sailed mine with an 83.6 rating this summer. That number is doable in breeze but is really tough to sail to as the breeze gets lighter. The well sailed Lidos and Lasers got me on handicap most of the time.
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    Melges 15

    Nope. I'm in Oceanside.
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    Melges 15

    I'm a skinny dude (130lbs) and I've found singlehanding around in light and medium air to be pretty easy. I probably wouldn't do it in over 15kt simply because I can't hike hard enough to make decent progress upwind. The M15 does have some more weather helm when sailing without the jib, and...
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    Melges 15

    I've recently taken delivery of #325, which to my knowledge is the first boat in Southern California, and I thought I'd report in with a review. I've had the boat for a month now, and it's been a blast! In general, the boat is dynamic and incredibly fun, especially when the breeze is over...
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    Plain bearing vs ball bearing blocks

    If the line ever needs to move fast use roller or ball bearings (in mast sheaves exempted).  Also use them in low load parts of cascading control lines so that the cascade plays out more easily. I'm a fan of Harken's black magic blocks for sheets and halyard turning blocks. They're not cheap...
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    While there are plenty of good NZ sailors I doubt there's the money for that.
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    AC37 Broadcast Requests

    I think it's important to recognize how difficult it is to make a good AC broadcast. The broadcast team is dealing with a lot of technical complexity. (2 helis, 6+ onboard cameras per boat, geographically separated commentary teams, a complicated graphics system, etc.) Sailing is a really tough...
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    Prada Cup

    There's no point in Deano loosing it now.  If anything his patriotic duty would be to make it to the finals and loose to ETNZ.
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    Prada Cup

    The class rule requires a fairly large (> 40 m^3) watertight volume. That watertight compartment must have been breached by some failure of the hull.
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    Santa Cruz Opti surfing

    As a sailing coach that would be my preference if I were caught out like that. Then in the worst case there's only one kid in the water that needs saving.
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    Sailing instruments for 30' sport Boat

    Given your budget I'd go with a B&G Triton setup + a Velocitek Pro Start if you race bouys.  Since these are lower end instruments there are some limitations you need to know about.  In my experience with both Raymarine and B&G triton systems the Heading and Apparent Wind data are...
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    INEOS Team GB

    Clearly they took some design inspiration from the fastest gliders they could find... Flies like a brick.
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    Christmas Regatta

    I think the code 0 only makes sense in situations where a touchdown would be inevitable in maneuvers.  The extra area should help the takeoffs but isn't at all beneficial once the boat is foiling.  I wonder how draggy the zero is when it's furled?
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    AC TV Coverage

    You can get the live feed from the AC website working through a VPN.  You just need the VPN to route your connection through a server somewhere else (e.g. Canada) where the AC feed isn't geo restricted.