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    It is clear, that Russia does not behave according to the rules and laws of the international community. It is also clear, that Putin has not, and probably will not, give 2 hoots about most of the sanctions being contemplated and implemented today. But perhaps, just perhaps, as he has no...
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    my Cup runneth under

    Technology is not the issue, these foiling boats are indeed awesome and a result of the AC technology arms race. However: the lack of variability resulting in inevitability is an issue as with one mistake = you lose. That makes the boats work, but the event not so.  It makes for lack of...
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    Sailing Club Management: safety & helpers

    Hi all Thanks for all the great replies. We have a helper evening tonight and I'll be trying out some of these ideas. I already made the helper requests more specific in terms of time and duties and will be floating other options, such as mentor programs for those wanting to help but perhaps...
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    Sailing Club Management: safety & helpers

    Hi all, Thanks million for all your answers and I feel we've already got a lot of good ways forward. I fully agree with all the sentiments being put forward here on the safety topic. The sailing programme itself is well covered from a safety perspective: 1 trainer, 1 assistant trainer per boat...
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    Sailing Club Management: safety & helpers

    All very good suggestions, and good to see that it is a shared concern!  Yes, all kids get training and need a certificate, but hands-on experience and emergency drills are still lacking. I think one of the points is that they don't mix with the 'older' drivers and see how they do it. Perhaps...
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    Sailing Club Management: safety & helpers

    Thanks for that, that is already something I hadn't considered :-). On the list...
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    Sailing Club Management: safety & helpers

    Hi I am in the management team of a sailing club in Switzerland. We have about 300 members, a relatively moribund regatta programme and a pretty thriving junior sailing programme. We're trying to pep things up a bit, without going too overboard, and have come across 2 problems, that I am sure...
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    prize givings

    My club had the Autumn Cup (guess which one) and the Indian Summer Regatta -End of season get ready for winter winner's Library - where you could check out a book and return it in a year. Different.
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    World Sailing - doing their bit...

    Guess they forgot their own "ambitious sustainability agenda" 
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    VOR 2017-18

    How to watch the in-port racing in Alicante on the water? Hi I am looking to organise a trip to Alicante for the start of the VOR as a present for a very good friend of mine who is turning 75. We went to the Vendee Globe start together in 2012 for his 70th, so this seems to fit! I'd like to go...
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    Why was TNZ faster ?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Team Alinghi

    Absolutely, and if EB had even remotely proposed the current protocol, he would have been completely crucified. His 'misdemeanours' pale into comparison with LE and RC's. And lest we forget, the Valencia ACs were real ACs with real challengers, real drama and very well watched "with the biggest...
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    How to watch live races?

    Thank you!! I was looking for somewhere, found only late night italian TV. This is cool. 
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    Be honest, is this already the best AC on the water action ever?

    Good to see, but sad to realise, that my opinion is shared by some of the professionals.....
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    Be honest, is this already the best AC on the water action ever?

    For me, it is definitely not that great. Managed to track down my first set of races to watch last night, on an Italian TV replay, so no commentary that was readily understandable, other than Laaandroverrr Barrrr and "como uno Ferrari". So that that is a first downer: ability to watch :-(...