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    Defi Azimut Race & Speed Runs

    Charlie has attained the 4th mode.
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    Some of his hot takes in his video are.... curious.
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    New TLDR since the good doctor went on hiatus?
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    Defi Azimut Race & Speed Runs

    Charlie is not human. There, I said it.
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    Mark Mills foiler in action

    Hard to do when you correct out 10 hours behind everyone else.
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    Racing Paint Compatability

    I had a neighbor beg me until I took a look at his bottom. I was waiting for NOAA to show up to designate it an MPA.
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    The Next Toy for the 1%

    The Muskrat will try to buy one with bitcoin. Then make some angry post when they say no about how they're trying to keep the little guy down.
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    caption contest

    Who's gonna protest the coast guard for bad mark placement?
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    US Sailing = US Olympics

    Do they even pay for their office space on Roger Williams' campus or is that a writeoff for the school?
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    Another IOR boat headed for the glue factory.

    They take the keel and ditch it or something?
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    Damn Orcas

    .44 mag bang sticks do some scary scary damage. i can only imagine what 12ga would do.
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    Damn Orcas

    I forsee a run on 12ga bang sticks.
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    For your next corporate meeting.......

    This is my job description.
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    You girls done yet? Has our hero re-appeared yet?
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Honestly more interested to see Armel vs Charles. Gitana was NOT faster than BPXI at any point of sail during the Finistere Atlantique and BPXI is back in the shed for final mods. Either SVR is going to be faster or slower given she's only had one chance to match up against the others and...