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    US isn’t competitive in medal chase at Tokyo 2020 because…

    US Olympic sailing teams ????
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    I hate Yacht brokers

    Wow, politicize everything do you?
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    IOR is dead for a reason

    Sounds about right to me, AC has always been gamed by the defender
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    IOR is dead for a reason

    I have looked at the Optio but went larger or smaller instead. It is an interesting design and sails very well/.
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    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    yup it has sure hit the Republican stronghold of NYC hard hasn't it? "Apparently he doesn't read the New York Times. Who knew?" - apparently not many given the number "Save a journalist's job" and similar 'begging for bucks' opp's for subscription  emails I get nearly every day.
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    well this is bullshit

    Sailing (or boating in general) is not a problem in Richmond VA BUT despite urging people to be sure and exercise, the mayor has ordered city parks and park parking places closed on WEEKENDS. Why not during the week as well especially when even local governments in some cases have had massive...
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    Cheap Multi 23

    whatever it's short comings i did enjoy sailing them in France
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    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    Sailed one several times in Naptown. Loved it, wife didn't - no place for a 'private' porta-potty  Fun sailor,  would make a good boat for kids on board.
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    Is this site slow to load for anyone else?

    My primary browser is Chrome which loads okay here but with CBS Sports it is like the second coming, OTOH Firefox loads CBS quickly but SA drags on and on loading. 
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    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Love the Santana 20 and also the 23 D, wither is a solid quick, fun boat
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    what is it?

    It is, I believe, a new NIMBY 40
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    what is it?

    is it the Swan ugly duckling?
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    what is it?

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    WTF #2

    certainly different, stands out in a crowd
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    its the latest Star Wars droid ... Luke Waterwalker

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