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    Show your boat not sailing

    Ganley Harbour, Ontario (Lake Superior North Shore) August 16, 2021
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    Info on Kirby 23

    Very rare beast..... only six made.... I and a group of friends bought one in 2012 and restored it. great little boat for racing, it’s still doing well on Toronto far our out of QCYC. Hope one of the present owners sees this and chimes in....
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    Caption Contest

    New, from the Riggers at Home Depot!
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Actually, if you go back in their stuff a few years they did do the Rhone downhill, I believe when they brought Magic Carpet down from Switzerland to the Med. Their channel is one of two I have ever expected money on (yours is the other). 
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    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    Kana Bay, Lake Superior (North Shore)
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    The blight of generators

    So kayaks are really quiet...... a couple of packets of sugar from the donut shop in the tank of the gen-set on the swim platform should alleviation the problem....
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    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    That will buff right out......
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    Show your boat not sailing

    Yup, 1978 Ericson 30-2
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    Show your boat not sailing

    All bundled up for winter, Thunder Bay, Ontario 2 weeks ago. sniff 
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    So Dylan, when you finish with the Chesapeake you have to come check out Lake Superior.... just snapped this picture of Pic Island fine on our port bow this morning, unfortunately not a breath of wind, but 5he scenery is lovely (like Scotland without the whiskey).
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    sailing from Kingston to Canso

    Did the trip in 2013 it was amazing, the St. Lawrence is the way to go. call up nautical mind books in Toronto and get a copy of Cheryl Barr’s book
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    Kirby 30

    Actually, Bruce crossed the bar last year I believe.
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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    So there was some guy from Ontario Sailing on CBC this morning and he was implying that clubs were cancelling racing and regattas. Does anyone have any clear news on this? I know QCYC starts their season this morning (in spite of much of the land base being under water), what about ABYC Open...
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    Respect for the Fitzgerald

    You got your Canadians mixed up. Leonard Cohen has passed. Gordon Lightfoot, who wrote and recorded the song is very much alive and singing!
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    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Splashing this weekend at QCYC 4 weeks to the first Wednesday race!