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    Failing Interprotect 2000?

    Sorry to see this Mike. I've used a lot of Interprotect over the years and never had a failure, but I tend to follow the overcoating times pretty carefully. One thing I have seen is a couple of our guys didn't follow the timing before bottom painting and the antifouling didn't adhear at all. It...
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    Newbie, inexperienced with tools, wannabe sailor. Can I fix it, yes I can!

    "Next time be sure to remove the gelcoat everywhere you are glassing to and taper the edges of the repair." Thinking that looks like sandable filler "Was that you in the Tri yesterday? Pretty fast!" No, I was out doing towboat stuff. If it was downbay anywhere near the inlet it might have...
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    Painted on non-skid longevity: 1-part KiwiGrip vs. 2-part urethane with crushed walnut shells

    We've done several of our workboats with Kiwigrip, I've also used 2 part (Awlgrip) with softsand additive on the decks of a couple of trimarans. for longevity and grip the 2 part with softsand wins big time. I've done several boats with the Awlgrip non skid also - stuff works well and holds up...
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    I am considering buying a Seaclipper 28 timaran - opinions, experiences etc are welcome

    Looking good! Congrats.  How did you run the wiring from the solar panels to the mainhull ? 
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    Chameleon dinghy build

    I've worked with it - found it really easy to get a smooth finish with and it seems to cover much better than Perfection. As usual, prep is everything. I watched a guy do an extremely poor quick sand, wipe down with some rubbing alcohol and apply the Epifanes 2 part in about 42 degree airtemp...
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    Transom Lettering Design?

    Rasputin,  the boat on the hard is a custom Kurt Hughes 40 named Wing Nut.  I'd be happy to discuss any of the changes made to the Seaclipper.   Sorry for thread drift!  
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    Transom Lettering Design?

    Good eye there Rasputin. Yes, it is, and there's a few more photos in the Seaclipper 28 thread. The amas are built in constant camber and are almost full length of the main hull. The center board was replaced with a daggerboard, and the rudder is a balanced design that's now under the boat. Boat...
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    Transom Lettering Design?

    You can go to the BoatUS website and play with their design tools. They make and sell the decals as well, but you can mess about with lettering and graphics with no commitment. My son had a name and registration numbers done and delivered. He's happy with the results. 
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    I am considering buying a Seaclipper 28 timaran - opinions, experiences etc are welcome

    Looking good!  must be geeting pretty excited anticipating that first sail.   
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    Cape Dory Typhoon or Bristol (Corinthian) 19 to learn the ropes?

    I learned to sail on Barnegat Bay ( Okay, the Toms River ) in a Cape Dory Typhoon. Great little boats. Not that familiar with the Corinthian, but they seem comparable. I'd recommend going with the boat in the best overall condition and get a slip in a decent marina. There's not a large number of...
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    I am considering buying a Seaclipper 28 timaran - opinions, experiences etc are welcome

    Thanks Trovao, he's only been doing this type of work for about 9-10 months and has worked hard at refurbishing this boat.  Quite a learning curve. My wife and I originally built it over a 2 year period and a launched in July of 1984.
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    Boat US/Towing/Worth it?

    That's not always true, insurance companies frequently use a particular tow outfit in specific areas, and it may not be one that's available immediately. most tow companies have rules that their captains have to prioritize towing members over non member cash or insurance jobs. Another downside...
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    How to drill a larger hole over a smaller hole for a new speed transducer

    I use the Milwaukee holesaw system, got it from Home Depot. You can swap out the various size holesaws on the same mandrel. On the one I have it's possible to screw the holesaw you need the hole to be on the mandrel and there's enough thread left to screw the holesaw that is the current size...