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    J/35 tall rig

    I remember seeing this boat in 2005 at the San Diego Yacht Club. It was tired then. The owner converted to the bigger rig for offshore, distance racing. I don't remember anything else. Not sure why you would do that to proven design.
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    IOR landfills?

    You are correct, Steve Haarstick owned Deadalus and then sold it to his ex-wife's soon to be husband. Last I heard, she moved back to Lake Ontario and was being day sailed. This was over 10 years ago. Terry Pollidor also had a wood, Kirby 1/2 ton called Wild Card. Last I saw of that boat was...
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    Cheap J29 (At Least to Buy...)

    The boat in question is the old Thunder.  Sailed originally on Lake Ontario and then later on Lake Erie.  She was in terrible shape when she left lake Erie and I figured they scrapped her.  Its worth noting that the boat was originally an inboard if memory is correct. She looks a little better...
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    j/29 j29 size/diameter of the upper and lower shrouds and forestay

    I may be off base, but from memory, masthead boats were rod and frac boats wire.  7/32nd seems to stand out for the wire boats. 
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    DeSantis Ratchets Up His Run Against DIsney

    When did not being a bigoted, homophobic asshole get you called "woke"  You fucktards on the right are ridiculous. 
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    Help! J/35 spreader crack...

    Talk to offshore spars.  It is not un-common for spreaders to crack from filling with water and freezing. 
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    Racing Support Trailers - I have one available!

    Can I put a Lightning and trailer on top of it.....
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    Don't steal a sailboat on a windy day

    he killed a disabled, young woman.
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    Spinnaker Pole Location

    Did this for years on my J/27.  With a solid vang, there is no downside.  Keeps everything clean, simple and easy. 
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    No man's land

    No Fat Chicks, aka Fear and Loathing and now called Vamoose is in Muskegon, Michigan with the sister to FLAK- Risky Business.
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    The Tarnishing of the Annapolis Yacht Club - Commodore Hartman Needs to Resign

    As a two term member of a great lakes yacht club board of directors, the AYC commodores comments are cringe worthy and unbecoming of any chief executive.  I'm not sure I could continue to serve with such a person. 
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    Quantum Fusion M Kevlar 155 Genoas

    Its a 14 year old sail, changing shape as it sits in the bag.  I hope it really cheap. 
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    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    I wish nothing more than Tucker to walk in front of a bus. 
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    J27 "salvage" in Conn. with light damage

    Its an outboard powered boat....
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    J/29 Portlight

    With more common that not, quarterberth cockpits generally open into the boat.  Taking a guess, I would say yours were installed after delivery and was someones specific requirement.  I would not put replacement ports in that open into the cockpit.