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    One Great Lyric!

    “I’m an adult now!”   Hilariously good song.  Sadly, so much of it came true.  
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    goofy old man snoops around in New England boatyards

    Congrats on the boat.  I know there’s a bunch of people here that would like to see your progress on improving it.  Would be a great thread.  
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    The Real Jack Reacher finally on film!!!

    If anyone is a Brooklyn nine-nine fan, the new Reacher actor did a pretty funny cameo in a flashback episode. 
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    A big project!

    My old company produced high powered GaAs lasers in the fab.  Arsine gas was one of the feedstocks.  The running joke was that arsine gas supposedly smelled like garlic.  Or strawberries.  No one knew for sure, since anyone who had smelled arsine was dead.  
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    BOUNTY II, the fibrous sloop built by Coleman Boat and Plastics.

    Thanks for both these points. 
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    BOUNTY II, the fibrous sloop built by Coleman Boat and Plastics.

    This thread started me down a rabbit hole on Rhodes designs of this vintage.  Eventually I ended up on a Sailnet thread about CCA boats (Kris - I think you might be on that one).     There was a long debate about the structural integrity of 60s vintage boats, and a stance that their age makes...
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    single-handed circumnavigation in a Vancouver 28

    Fathom,  Nice story, told and shown well.  Thanks. 
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    Sailors Powerboat

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    Sailors Powerboat

    I’d like to see a smaller, open version of that Whisper.  May 20-22 feet, single engine.      Curious how they are getting what appears to be a compound curve in the plywood topsides with the tumblehome aft.  
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    Nice video, Blue   How did you attach those line loops where the thwart used to be?  A couple eyestraps on each side with stopper knots?
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    Can anyone ID this one?

    Dex nailed it.  A Ford 20.     Thanks  
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    Can anyone ID this one?

    It’s about 20’.    Not a Leeward.  The cabintop is more rounded/slanted.  
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    Can anyone ID this one?

    Oops.     I thought that first time remained in draft, and didn’t post.  Sorry for the repeat post  
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    Can anyone ID this one?

    I can’t decide if this is ugly-cool, or just ugly.    Anyone recognize the design?