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    Earthquake in Georgia?

    Not in Georgia, but we had a little 4.4 quake near my Sonoma County Calif. place this evening. It was in the middle of a nice windstorm, and the house was already shaking a bit, but this was a good solid jolt, with a small aftershock about a minute later. No damage. The interesting thing was...
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    OK, since no one else has brought it up... Where were you?

    I was in Los Angeles, working on and looking over shoulders, for the mixing of the soundtrack of the film Standing in the Shadows of Motown. I had spent all day on 9/10 in the studio, and the next morning my wife called my hotel room and told me to turn on the TV. I didn't want to believe it...
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    Music Documentaries

    I was very involved in this one, but I honestly think it is a great documentary:
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    Trail Cameras Again

    I may have previously posted the otter one. Ignore the date on the bobcat video, I'm careless about camera setup.
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    Adapting to circumstances with leadership and optimism: (quotes snipped from the www) Shackleton then turned around and headed for home. They could have continued on and been first to the pole, but Shackleton knew that by doing so it would have been impossible to survive the return trek...
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    Financial Disparity

    A thorough interview process?
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    Moonshot Artemis

    Then *you* do the math. In my universe, *everything* is perfect.
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    Moonshot Artemis

    Apologies for disrupting the spacecraft maintenance conversation, but given the 1.54 degree obliquity to the ecliptic, and the lunar diameter of 3476 kilometers, that polar peak only needs to be about 630 meters above the spherical surface to be in constant sunlight (other than during a lunar...
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    Meme Anarchy

    I recently watched "Woodstock '99" and I think you're on to something here...
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    R2AK 2022

    Did Fix oder Nix lose a crewmember? The team sheet shows them as a doublehander.
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    R2AK 2022

    The "Grim Sweeper" starts north on June 29, and arrives in Ketchikan around July 7 (?) -- who's not going to make it by the cutoff?
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    R2AK 2022

    Zonker, we've been over all this already. Some think that the previous and current acceptance by the R2AK of the "alternate" route overrides the perhaps ambiguous wording of the race rules. Others don't. Some see no ambiguity at all. I don't know what the R2AK-2022 racers would say if you...
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    R2AK 2022

    I agree, but remember that at least some of us aren't participating in the race. This gives us license to nitpick, complain, otherwise argue amongst ourselves. Nobody here is raising the red flag (I hope).
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    R2AK 2022

    Since I've got nothing useful to do today, I took a look at the R2AK Team Elsewhere page, and from there to There, the Captain says: So it...
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    R2AK 2022

    Thank you, I appreciate the explanation. I've not done the R2AK, nor have I participated in any pre-race discussions, so these comments come from an outsider. But it sounds like the difference is between "this is how many of us think it should be" and what the rules actually say. And in the...