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    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Looks like PRB is sailing back to France. Any word on what the keel issue was?
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Here's another channel with a hot self-absorbed babe and nerdy guy, with minimal pond sailing experience getting waaaayyy over their heads with a big boat and big sailing dreams. Although, the first few videos are interesting as they are looking at some boats and doing surveys that uncover...
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    New low lat. Caribbean Hurricane - paging Mark !

    Webcam at port Canaveral shows some damage and inshore sea state
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    New low lat. Caribbean Hurricane - paging Mark !

    Pride of Baltimore II is headed South off the NJ coast, completing the last stretch of her season-long trip to the great lakes. Looks like she will be home before the &*$% hits the fan. Another reason for the storm to miss the Chesapeake. We were lucky enough to sail aboard her for a day...
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    Top Ten Sailing Movies Of All Time

    A good one that I haven't seen listed... Open Water 2: Adrift Preview:
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    Video 1983 SORC

    Are SORC results over the years posted anywhere online? If not, what magazines would have covered them back in the day? Does anyone have stacks of sailing porn mags from back in the day that have these results and would be willing to scan and post?
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    Cracked tiller - repair or replace?

    Sounds worth trying. I'll get start with allen's suggestion. I may do break's wrap on top of that just to be sure. Thanks, mates ;) Would still be interested in sources for a new tiller for future reference.
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    Cracked tiller - repair or replace?

    I have a 30 year old wood tiller on my '81 Evelyn 26. What started a few seasons ago as a hairline crack near the hole for the tiller extension, is now longer and wider. I got through this season by installing two hose clamps and taping it up. Is there a repair technique that would work, or...
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    3 dead in N2E

    I see the video. It shows two USCG vessels picking up a couple of small pieces of debris. The shots do not show the proximity to the islands.
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    GHOST Military Watercraft Prototype

    I wanted one too, but not so much now that I see the actual product... link
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    Volvo Ocean Race Game

    Tried it. Did the demo and the pre-race. Don't like it. Going to do the race on
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    Volvo Ocean Race Game

    The wiki says that the mobile app is "currently being finished". Racing starts tomorrow, guys.
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    IMOCA Bel

    The guy that goes to the bow - is he un-tethered? If so, is there a reason to risk being swept off at 25+ kts?
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    Cowes week crash

    Is that a MOB at :24 of the video?
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    Cowes week crash

    link :o

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